“You’ve Got Me All Wrong” – God Asks For Nothing


A few weeks ago I picked up one of Walsch’s books and began to read the first pages. After I read the short list of the 25 core messages to explain the main message (in the title) I stopped reading. It was so inspiring and I my mind started spinning. Before I am reading on I want to share the flow of pictures and thoughts which immediately filled me. I won’t go through all the 25 key points because – and that is one of the moving things I experienced – I am already sharing them over the years. And probably the posts will automatically include more than one of the key points since in the end there is only one truth anyway. In listening to God we will get closer to this highest and blissful awareness.

You’ve got me all wrong.

This is what God told Neale Donald Walsch when he was asked about the message God wants the world to know. In my opinion, this sums up all the horror and tragedy in the world which bases on blaming God or on acting “in the name of God”. Walsch says, that God replies to every one of us when we are crying out to Him and asking for advice. We all get our answers but we think that when God replies it had to be with thunder and lighting. God is not loud and He never forces us to listen. He speaks through the divine core inside of us. Unfortunately, we ignore it too often. He talks to all of us. The question is, who listens?

“God Aks For Nothing”

For some reason, we the belief that we have to earn respect, appreciation, trust, happiness, even love is rooted deeply in us. Sometimes it is not earning but even fighting for this all. All good things seem to lie beyond painful efforts. This also supports that in the further development we believe that we have to be in a certain way in order to fulfill the conditions to be worthwhile for good things to happen to us. That is when we set ourselves under pressure or allow others to take control of us. But this is – excuse me – BS.800729-Sathya-Sai-Baba-Quote-No-religion-has-a-separate-God-showering.jpgWe are here to experience. And how we are – in body, mind, and soul – is exactly how we are supposed to be. Only when we live our lives from the authentic light we are we can fulfill the purpose we feel inside. We are not sent here to be everybody’s darling but because God fulfills our own wish to experience our existence with all senses. Many religions teach us that we have to follow God’s rules in order to be allowed to enter heaven. But why should God set up rules? We are already part of heaven and this earth is part of it too. When you walk from one room of your apartment into another room, you are still in your apartment.910486-You-will-not-be-punished-for-your-anger.jpgOur appearance may be physical but our true self is the same with or without a body and it is immortal. God knows that nothing can ever harm us and that we can never really harm someone else. That’s why it doesn’t make sense that God sets up rules in order that we behave in a certain way for making us worthwhile in God’s eyes. We are worthwhile because we are God’s creation and (again) part of the big oneness. Here we are in our playground. We learn from the consequences through the way we think and act. But those consequences are lessons for our development. It is not the punishing hand of God. We create the conditions for those lessons in order that we learn to live in love and peace for our own sake. But God’s love is not depending on how fast, which way, and if at all we learn. Why should it be? We are playing a role here in order to make those experiences and gain insights. That’s what we and God want.139d85f5acb2f72676f497e2e27fb6f8--quotes-app-faith-quotes.jpgHe is never punishing, nor is he demanding anything from us. He is always available when we need His advice. Open up your channel to your inner divinity and you hear God. The way He communicates with you will be as unique as you are. So trust yourself when an instant thought finds your mind, when a sudden feeling comes up, or when you notice signs. That all can be answers or at least signposts to the answer. God can never leave you. He lives in and through you. God is love and love is unconditional.

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In Love and Light


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