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I got inspired by Simon of SFarnell for this post as we talked about this quote:

Simon: I guess that’s why when we’re being artistic we’re sensitive to it and hide it ( I do anyway) because it’s so personal any criticism would be hurtful.
Erika: …  right because it is so personal, no one actually can criticize it because no one else is that spirit who created that piece of art. That was the insight that took all the fear off of me when I started publishing my poems. It is MY thoughts and feeling and there is no reason to discuss whether they are right or wrong… they simply are!
Simon: I agree totally with you – But it doesn’t stop others from having an opinion eh?
Erika: No, it doesn’t… so what? Their opinion is not my problem… plus it is only an opinion…

What is the biggest reason that keeps us from letting our inside, our light, flow into the outside world? What keeps us from trying something new or big? It mostly is because we doubt ourselves. We doubt if we are good enough and fear failing. But that is not the source of skepticism. What we actually fear is coming after seemingly failing: being questioned and criticized.

Again we make ourselves dependent on the opinion of others. A while back my best friend told me a story. She is giving courses for apprentices and in the end, they have to fill in a feedback form about how the course was. There were 9 fantastic assessments and 1 very bad one! She did not see the 9 excited feedbacks but was pondering around that one poor assessment. She had a sleepless night and could not find peace because she had no explanation. Her self-doubts went so far that my friend even considered quitting courses. She talked to a colleague who knows that one person. I don’t remember the details anymore but it turned out that the person has never given nice feedback and is known as difficult. Once she knew about that she felt better and laughed at herself because she focused on that one negative voice so much more than on the 9 positive voices.

In the end, it doesn’t matter at all whether we get positive, negative, or no feedback at all. As long as we do what we do from a place of inner conviction, of a place of joy, of a place of passion for what we do, it is our unique and powerful creative energy flowing from us into the world. There will always be someone who might not like what you do. But… so what? I am not talking here about studied professions but about letting your spirit flow into what you love to do, regarding art, writing, music, and sharing experiences. I am talking about sharing a part of yourself. There is only one you in this entire world. They are not you! They don’t feel like you feel. They don’t have your history and experience. They don’t have your skills. THEY DON’T HAVE YOUR DREAMS. Even if they claim to be entitled of judging what you do, they can’t! If they have a problem with what you share then it is only that: They have a problem for whatever reason ever. Mostly their problem is rooted in one single point: They are jealous of what you do because they are too afraid to be questioned and criticized!

Don’t ever let anyone hold you back from what you want to share with yourself. It is the most precious thing you can give and the most fulfilling experience! Right here on WordPress, you experience it daily that what you give is highly appreciated. Yes, there may be some negative comments at times, but that is life. See it as inspiration, see it as a way to look at things in more ways, see it as an addition to what you do but not as a limitation. You are awesome! All of you are awesome! Who you are is a blessing and it is a blessing what you share! There is only one You in this world and we are gifted to be connected to you! Thank you so very much! You are another brilliant facet making this world a brighter and more colorful place. Please, don’t hide your light from someone who feels blinded by your beauty… rather suggest they wear sunglasses 😉

In Love and immense Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Definitely, Simon! I love to write my posts out of inspiration from interaction. Our conversation was very inspiring. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person yesterday, Simon☺ Hope it happens again next year ☺

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What an inspiring and encouraging post. I love it! Simon is great blogger isn’t he! 🙂
We should surround ourselves with people who encourage us. As we should encourage them. People who don’t know how to solve their own problems
always have tbe answers to everyone else’s problems.
Or they are jealous off your success and commentment. You’re doing something they wish they were able to accomplishment.
Sometimes people just like to hear themselves talk!
After you visit someone ask yourself. Do I feel better than I did before I came.
The answers sometimes surprises me. Lol
Great post! ❤️😉

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Your comment is defintely very inspiring and insightful too, Carisa! A great advice at the end with asking yourself if you feel happier after leaving someone. Definitely surprising at times 😄 It is also interesting that you say that because I made it my goal when having clients that they need to leave happier than they arrived.
Most things are not about us but about what others miss in themselves but see in us! Instead of bringing themselves up they rather try to bring us down.
I laughed when I read your lines about those who only love to hear themselves talk 😄
Simon is very inspiring. He brings up interesting things in our conversations and he has a lovely humor. I will meet him on Saturday 😊
Thanks again for this amazing comment, Carisa! Always happy to have you around 💖

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Awe, Erika I love your views on the way you treat your clients. When we help others feel better it helps us feel better. I have no doubt your clients leave feeling better than when they arrived. 😊
Awe… You get to meet Simon on Saturday!!! How fun!! I’m so jealous you’re going to meet so many!! Take lots of pics!! 🙂 I can wait to see them all!! ❤️

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It would be wonderful if you could be there too and I know how much you would love to come and meet that whole bunch of fantastic people. I will take photos for sure 😉💖

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Erika this is terrific. I must confess my love for the Willie Wonka framed quote. The last one on strength revealing weakness is excellent, too. Well done on all counts. Keith

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I saved that quote as the first one! It is so very true! It is not about us but about what others envy is for (hope that was English… lol). Thanks a lot, Keith! Your comments are always so motivating 😃

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An excellent post, Erika. I was moved by the notion that one could get so many great reviews, yet be troubled by the one bad one. It makes so much sense to me why we should never let that happen. Brilliant. 💖

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It is crazy that after one little bad happening we are completely focused on that one and are blind for the blessings around. Happens to me too! I think it only needs to trigger that weak point in us. Then it is so important to step back and get aware of what is going on! Thank you so much for that wonderful comment, Van! 💖

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