For this #MomentsOfJoy, I thought of a song that always manages to make me smile and dance. The song itself has this effect on me but also takes me back to the time it was published. I was 13 and as usual, we spent a part of the summer break in Vienna. When I heard this song, I loved it so much that I made it the first song I bought on a single (like the one below).

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Chris Mann


Yesterday I stumbled over Chris Mann due to a Corona parody video. I checked out more of his songs and couldn’t believe my ears. His voice and his way of expression are outstanding. I listened to some of his records and found versions of You Raise Me Up and Hallelujah. I had not thought that there someone is able to top the ones I called my favorite versions. Both were moving me to tears.

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“Imagine Love” and guitar sounds in Santa Monica

Yesterday, Colin of MeAndRay shared a song of Scott Jacobs whom he saw performing live as a street entertainer. Colin liked the voice and the song and bought a CD. In our following discussion, I mentioned that I experienced the same twice in Southern California. Colin asked me to share songs of those artists too.

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Want to hear me sing classical music?

Many of you know that I am a singer. I produced 11 songs (rock/pop/ballads) so far and published them on my blog. But actually, I am a classical singer. I have sung at several concerts in halls and churches, with big and small orchestras and bands, have been booked by choirs or for big official events for the entertainment part. I played and sang leading parts in little musicals, and won both contests I participated in many years ago. Still, I don’t have a lot of digital recordings where you can hear my classical voice. That’s why I am happy I can share an Ave Maria with you which I sang in church a few weeks ago.

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Daily Kind Quote

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In Love and Light

They Still Rock!!


Last Saturday I had tickets for Status Quo. They were the main act at an annual festival in our country. Of course, they look older BUT boy did they bring the hall to a full boil! It was already a hot day and hot inside but nobody cared. We jumped, danced sang, clapped our hands, … It was an amazing experience and I felt like a teenager again hearing those songs again. Read more ›

Friday Song


I thought, why not sticking with the 80s again? Here is a song of the early ’80s that makes you slip into the weekend smoothly. Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend. Read more ›

Monday Song


Hello and good morning, everybody! I am sorry that I was barely around on the weekend. We painted the walls and ceilings of two rooms which kept me busy from Friday evening until Sunday evening. But It is done which is a big relief! Read more ›

Pursue Your Dreams


This is the wall tattoo above my bed. I see it daily and it still speaks to me. I often write about dreams and how they trigger our intention to try something new or to explore new fields. Those dreams are like a preview of something we desire to be or to have. They can generate new courage and strength to take steps with conviction and determination towards the realization of that dream.  Read more ›

#RomanticTuesday Song


Lately, I heard the original version of the song I am sharing today. It reminded me of the version with which I was introduced to this song in 1982. It was sung by a popular German opera singer of that time. The original song was released in 1965 by Frankie Valli. You know I am an opera singer and therefore I want to share the 1982 version. Enjoy! Read more ›

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