My Productions


My words, my music, my voice!

If possible please use headphones
in order to enjoy the full sound experience!

I would do it again! 2011


Count on you! 2012


Chained Hands 2013 Dedicated to a friend who became one of my greatest teachers.


Rise up! 2014


Wish you were here 2014 In memory of my father


Not anymore! 2014


Don’t hide your voice 2015


Believe In You! (Intro Nadja) 2015


Set Me Free 2015


This Moment 2016


One Light 2016


In Love and Light



My, thank you, Wendell! I am humbled reading your words. Thank you so much for taking the time and listening to the songs. I appreciate this a lot and it means a lot to me what you said about them. Again thank you so very much, you made this day a lot brighter with your kind words 😊


You should see me, John! Totally humbled with a huge grin on my face 😁 I am absolutely delighted that you enjoyed what you heard so far. I am about to work over all the songs again with a CD plan in my head. “I would do it again” is already recorded new and got some changes. I hope I get it done by summer. Thank you so very much for taking the time and listening!

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I had never clicked over here to your Songs Erika, I had seen the title but thought it was the Songs of the day not ones you had written and Sung.. What a treat for me to explore and play.. who needs a play list with a voice like yours to listen to here Wonderful ❀
Love and Blessings
Sue ❀ ❀ ❀

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Haha… you are too nice, Sue! We are about to start with the first song and work over them all again. There are some years of experience in between and a lot needs to be done on the first ones….. after that I will get everything ready for a CD … I guess 😁

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LOL! I wanted to make at least 12 songs before I make a CD. After number 12 is done I think about taking all the songs to a really big studio for working over them once more and then…. I already have an idea how to πŸ˜‰

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Gosh, I wish I had… haha! You know, I did not start everything right away and so things are flowing into each other. But yes, it is a lot and at times pretty much comes together. But I learned to set priorities in order to keep my cool and to still get along with all the things I love to do! Thank you very much, Nick! 😊

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