Visiting The Template of Toblerone Chocolate

You haven’t seen or heard much from me in the past half week. The reason is that I checked off another item on my bucket list.. Beause of Gary’s posts the desire to see the Matterhorn grew and grew. On Thursday the time had come.

We booked seats on the panoramic train Glacier Express for a 6-hour trip through the Swiss Alps with the destination Zermatt. Periodically, we received information about the areas we passed through and historical and other interesting facts. I took lots of pictures during the ride but had to delete about 70% due to the reflections that occurred when taking pictures through the window. Click on the image below to learn more about the Glacier Express tour.

Here is a selection of photos from the train ride. Not only the view was great, but also the food. I had a fantastic lentil curry dish, and later we ordered homemade apricot and chocolate cake:

I could read in a little booklet that you can only get a first short glimpse of the Matterhorn just before you enter the train station in Zermatt. I couldn’t wait to see it. I was so excited to finally see this amazing construct created by nature. I had that brief first glimpse, and it brought tears to my eyes. The first thing we did when we left the station was not to look for the hotel, but to get another glimpse of the impressive mountain. No problem, you can see it from almost anywhere in Zermatt. But more about the Matterhorn later. First, a few facts about Zermatt, from where you can reach 29 four-thousand-meter peaks:

Zermatt is a municipality in the district of Visp in the German-speaking section of the canton of Valais in Switzerland. It has a population of about 5,800 inhabitants and is classified as a town by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO).
It lies at the upper end of Mattertal at an elevation of 1,620 m (5,310 ft), at the foot of Switzerland’s highest peaks. It lies about 10 km (6.2 mi) from the over 3,292 m (10,801 ft) high Theodul Pass bordering Italy.
Zermatt is famed as a mountaineering and ski resort of the Swiss Alps. Until the mid-19th century, it was predominantly an agricultural community; the first and tragic ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865 was followed by a rush on the mountains surrounding the village, leading to the construction of many tourist facilities. The year-round population (as of December 2019) is 5,765,[3] though there may be several times as many tourists in Zermatt at any one time. Much of the local economy is based on tourism, with about half of the jobs in town in hotels or restaurants[4] and just under half of all apartments are vacation apartments.[5] Just over one-third of the permanent population was born in the town, while another third moved to Zermatt from outside Switzerland.[6]
Source: Wikipedia

Here are some photos of this picturesque “village”. I took a part of them right in the evening, but also the next morning. This is just for your information because of the different daylight in the pictures.

And now (drum rolls, please) the object of desire: The world famous Matterhorn.

The triangular shape of the Matterhorn in the Italian Alps/Swiss Alps is commonly believed to have given Theodor Tobler his inspiration for the shape of Toblerone. However, according to Theodor’s sons, the triangular shape originates from a pyramid shape that dancers at the Folies BergΓ¨res created as the finale of a show that Theodor saw. Nevertheless, a silhouette of the Matterhorn appears on the modern Toblerone packaging, as seen in the photo above right.
Source: Wikipedia

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to go up the Gornergrat, where you get a closer and spectacular view of the Matterhorn. The Gornergrat train passes by a lake in which the Matterhorn is reflected. So there is still something left on my bucket list and a reason to come back soon.

This was the view from our hotel room. On the left side of the third photo, you can see the Gornergrat, which seems to lead directly to the Matterhorn:

In the evening, the weather was beautiful. Still, there were always some clouds around the mountain that looked like flags.

The next day we had clear blue skies, and again, I took tons of photos. I just couldn’t get enough of this majestic mountain.

For me, it has been a dream come true, and as I said, I will certainly be back. I cannot put into words the energy and power I felt in the presence of this giant peacefully towering over Zermatt.

Next week, I am back with my regular posts. Have a great Monday!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Erika Kind, Travel


Toblerone is certainly one of my favorite chocolate bars. The unique taste and shape is certainly hard to resist. Thank you for taking me along on this wonderfully amazing trip, Erika.

P.S. To avoid reflections in pictures taken through a window, place the camera lens against the window and take the pictures. You can also place a dark piece of cloth around your camera to avoid reflections, if you can.

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I can only agree. The Toblerone is unique in its taste, totally!
Yes, I know, and I did when it was possible. But sometimes the angle was not working when I put it against the window. Those pics worked out best, of course. I have to keep that tip with the dark cloth in mind. Great idea! Thank you, Hammad 😊

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Breathtaking photos! From your description it must have exhilarating! I remember when I worked at a hotel and the Toblerone was a staple of the mini bar goodies. Awesome tour you shared here. Have a great week!

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Thank you, yes, it was completely exhilarating and so worthwhile the long ride. So, you already got introduced to the sweet side of the Matterhorn… hehe.


Amazing photos, Erika. That mountain looks impressive. I can’t imagine how people actually climb to the summit. It looks like sheer drops from every angle.
The train journey sounds amazing. And from the photos, the food looks great.
Did anyone tell you that Toblerone is my favourite chocolate because I seem to remember you giving me a bar at the Bloggers Bash? Just saying…lol

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Gosh, Hugh, I cannot imagine either. But it is even more incredible to think how they climbed up there in 1865. And150 years ago the first woman climbed it – in a dress like they wore it at that time.
LOL!! For sure, you will get a bar when we meet the next time. I will definitely keep that in mind πŸ˜‰

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I really had it. It amazed me even more to expect something impressive and be blown away because it topped my imagination by far!
Thank you, David. Huge hugs back πŸ€—


Thank you, dear Annette. Magnificent is a great word to describe this all. I hope that it doesn’t take too long until I can share more photos from another trip to that place.
Thank you πŸ€—

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Wow, the energy and beauty is beyond words in that last photo…the mountain doesn’t look too bad either πŸ˜‚ 🀣
Actually it does indeed grab you, that power is almost like it is a being in itself. I heard a rumor once it was the last of the giants and instead of letting go it became a permanent part of the world to show the beauty that this world is. You didn’t enjoy the journey very much did you, your excitement is catching 🀣
And of course the peak, the summit, the top of it all was that chocolate. I’m lost forever. I love Toblerone it is a gift from the Gods. I can be strong for almost two minutes now when I get one but alas my hands are shaking and the cover is torn open in ecstasy to reach that peak that is a delight beyond words πŸ˜€
Thank you for sharing dear lady, your trip and those pictures were an amazing gift indeed πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

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Very charming, Mark, thank you πŸ˜„
You are so right, and now that you mention it, that is exactly how it felt: like a being in itself. I am getting goosebumps again while writing this.
I knew, I would at least catch you with the Toblerone. I love it too. One of the best chocolates in the world. Although, I avoid chocolate in general (since it makes my skin break out) I could not resist to eat the Toblerone I found on my pillow in our hotel room. So, I can totally relate to what you said… lol
I am very happy you enjoyed the photos, Mark. It is such a joy to share it πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

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It is indeed a goosebumps event, how could you not appreciate its grandeur towering over everything and speaking as it does so. I wonder if it was the handle God used to put the earth in its place in the universe? πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹ πŸ˜‚ 🀣

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Sis, it was deeply moving standing in front of this giant for the first time. But the whole surrounding is a dream. I cannot wait to come back for a few more days.


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