The Fear to Succeed

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So often, we don’t start a project because we are afraid of failing. We are afraid of being questioned even before we started, or before a result is shown. We are afraid of being criticized for how we do it or even THAT we do it. We are afraid that people are making fun of us because we are doing something they might have never dared to do themselves. Or we are afraid because our project also means to show a part of us which we kept hidden for so long. But there comes a time when all those fears are not strong enough anymore to keep us from going for our dream. They cannot keep us from stepping out of our comfort zone anymore. We are full of excitement and enthusiasm and yes, we try it with all our hearts and passion. And then it happens…. the door opens up!

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Many of you know that only a few years back I would have never dared to talk in front of people, to share my thoughts, to stand tall for what I believe in even when no one else believed in it. I would have never dared to say something at all without checking if there are at least some people who may agree with what I say. Otherwise, I would say nothing at all. Then I had my breakthrough 11 years back. I only need to think of that moment and my eyes become watery because I will never forget that feeling of breaking down the highest walls of my prison.


Here I was, standing in my full light. That light made me see immediately where my path led and I started writing I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not. I did not know nor did I want to think too far ahead if that book would ever be published. But deep inside I knew exactly that this is my path. I was on it and headed towards a destination I was meant to reach. After I was done with the manuscript, I let others proofread it, and worked over it again, I felt ready to try something that felt simply impossible to me only 2 years before. I dialed the number of a publisher in order to ask if I may send them some excerpts. They accepted and I was … full of fear!


(Ok, this one is not really in context with the next paragraph
but it was just too funny not to add…😄)

Was I afraid that they wouldn’t like it? That crazy thing about it is: No, not at all! I was terrified that they would love it. The light definitely illuminated my path. It showed me all the things that are now coming my way and I felt overwhelmed in both positive and fearful ways. Can I handle this all? I could be taken serious but I was not used to it. I might have to speak about all the things I believe in and what I saw as blessings in life for everyone. But was I ready to do so? I have always dreamed about it but….. HELP…. it works out!!! I felt like losing control over the developments. I think what scared the hell out of me was the instant realization that I have to take responsibility for my words.


Thanks to my ego pride (yes, the ego can be very helpful) there was no way back. I have given myself a promise to never return to my old prison. That means that I need to let my light shine to recognize the path step by step! As you know, in the end, they accepted and my blog only exists because of the English version of my book that was published two years after the release of the German book. Meanwhile, I gave several lectures, wrote for newspapers, and gave several live interviews on the radio in a language that isn’t even my mother tongue. Have I gotten used to my light yet? It feels as if I was discovering it every day anew but nothing will cause me to crawl back into my comfort zone. No excuses anymore! But it also means that it is barely the easy way I walk but the right way!


Sometimes we go for something but don’t really consider it to work out. We do it to grant our soul its peace because “at least I tried”. Even bigger is the surprise (or overwhelm) when it works. But it is proof that it is your path and your time – whether your mind understands or not.


It is ok to be irritated by your light because it is the most amazing power, and it is even living within you. But don’t be scared. Trust that it will always illuminate the path your soul chose way before it came into this body. Trust that it will guide you to a fulfilled life.

When you let your light shine, God shines through you.
That is what the world needs so badly. 


In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Hi, Diane! I am glad you found this post at just the right time. I think the problem is that so many don’t talk about it because they feel ashamed or “fear” to be seen as weak or to be laughed at or whatever. As soon as we can accept that we feel fear, we are accepting ourselves with all we are. That again fills us with power and self-esteem which already eliminates fear.
Take one step at a time. I made lists of my fears and began to check that list off one by one. With each achievement I got more encouraged to approach the next one.
Sending you lots of love and blessings, Diane 💖


Love this post! There’s a whole spectrum of emotions that go along with just ‘going for it.’ It’s such a wonderful, freeing feeling to just give ourselves permission to shine!!

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Yes, totally! And once we shine we can hardly believe that we did not realize it earlier that it was always the individual who kept itself from shining, right? Such a big insight!

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Yes…many of us (particularly women) were taught to hide or dial down our light and not bring attention to ourselves. Many women were also taught to placate and not ‘make waves.’ I call it the ‘people pleasing disease.’

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Reading this post took me back to those days before I discovered the world of blogging, Erika.

Being dyslexic, I had to suppress my passion for writing, terrified that if I published anything, it would be full of mistakes. Those first blog posts I published (and many since) were full of errors my brain did not register. But the support and encouragement I got from readers after announcing I was dyslexic were so incredible that it helped me get over those last hurdles of thinking being dyslexic meant I would always be a failure in the world of writing.

I remember so well the feeling I got after publishing my first blog post. I felt so proud of myself and felt comply different about the fear of being dyslexic bought with it. I’d found a new world, where it did not matter.

Now I look back and declare ‘it’s all history.’

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This is such a big achievment, Hugh! You know, I admire you for what you did. It is not the error free post but the courage to risk writing a post full of errors. It is to overcome the fear which breaks the limit line and makes us free to grow out of ourselves.
It was similar with me running an English blog while English is not my first language. I know that I am far from perfect but I also know that by my frequent writing (and reading) posts and commenting, I improved my knowledge too (Ok, I am still spreading typos… haha). I had to check on so many words to translate them in the beginning but today I barely need to do that. And it was a fear I had since I am someone who really wants to be in control and do things “perfectly”.
Thank you fo so much for your inspiring comment, Hugh!

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I can relate to this — I have vision problems, especially on the computer screen, which leaves me prone to typos and missing/leaving out words when I write. I’m also OCD, so this drives me to distraction. Argh!

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You know what? I am glad that I am not the only one with tons of typos. English is not my first language and in addition to it, my mind is always much faster than my fingers. They are having a hard job to keep up… lol

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I’m also dyslexic, with vision problems and OCD. 😃Typos are the bane of my existence. I’ve been blogging for many years on and off and I still get fixate on typos because I know I’m prone to then. I’m glad it’s history for you. I’m working to get there.

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