Looking Beneath Free Will


Before I start with the actual topic I want to make sure that whatever I write here or in any of my posts is not what I think is the one and only truth. But it is what I believe. Some things I can explain, some things I can’t because they arise as an inner knowing – as a feeling of a deep truth. But I also know that many of you connect with that same inner feeling or at least a similar one. 


In a workshop I joined, Neale Donald Walsch said that when he is talking he always notices people nodding their heads unconsciously. It is because they “remember”. He doesn’t say something new but something that opens a door of a chamber inside them which was long forgotten, hidden, rejected. A chamber where all the knowledge they brought into this world is still stored. Here in lie the secrets of life – of life in its original and immortal form. The secrets of the power and creative abilities we are endowed with. That’s the chamber we enter when we have life-changing insights and breakthroughs. It is the entrance to our soul where all the wisdom and knowledge lies. The wisdom of a place far beneath this physical existence.


Entering this place means, connecting with the being we are. A feeling of being home and yes, a memory of something we cannot describe but only perceive as an energy that fills our whole body and makes us unstoppable! It is the source of life, the energy of life itself, that part which actually gives life to this body. The more open we can keep this door and the more we linger in that chamber the more we draw the divine origin of ourselves into consciousness and combine it with our physical appearance. As Wayne Dyer said:


This is what we need to realize in order to make full use of all we are – spiritually and physically. Then we understand that our existence here is for our own joy and for making our spiritual being in action and creations visible in this physical world. Remembering who we really are is one part of the journey.


This is why forgetting who we are, feeling lost and helpless in this world, and then remembering causes an even greater power through this feeling of liberation. We are becoming a spiritual Hulk. With this insight also comes the knowing that nothing can harm us, that we are here to explore and create, that we are here to expand our divine power – that we are here to treasure and honor our own light. Even if we are not aware of all those deep things, isn’t it everybody’s deepest wish for life leave something meaningful? It is the core desire of the formless light to make itself visible and fulfill a purpose. When we realized this then we understand what a gift it is to get one of those study places on planet earth. There are really plenty of possibilities to do something meaningful or to learn profound lessons through the oppositions.


So, it is a gift to come here, to get into a role we play here, and create our personal movie. I am the director and co-director and I have countless directors and co-directors in that movie too. What a thrilling and exciting experience. We all need to find a way together through all the episodes of the movie, the tragedies, the romances, the thrillers, the fairytales… Sometimes it can become a bit overwhelming when we cannot remember the original script but make a new one down here which doesn’t really work out. So there is still our home, our dad up there and all his helpers who are always by our side when even we cannot see them with our physical eyes.


When life gets tough we tend to cry that God left us but it is part of the free-will-deal that we need to ask for help. God and His divine helpers would never restrict our experience. We may have forgotten that this here is a movie and that the actor can play several parts and is still alive even though the character he played died. But God knows that nothing can ever harm us. He lets us live an illusion which we believe is the only reality because it is necessary to get the full experience. But whenever we ask for his support He will be there. God never left us. Since we are part of His energy we are constantly connected anyway. If we weren’t we would cease to exist.

Perhaps this is not the one and only truth but I could imagine that some of you were nodding while reading.

In Love and Light


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You had me at Lewis, but lost me a little at Dyer, Erika. There’s some good stuff here. It’s just that, while I rejoice in the fact that we are children of God, I am leery of unbiblical suggestions we are, in any shape or form, gods ourselves. Blessings.

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