Give Your Best Anyway!

It is not the first time that I am touching this subject. Circumstances at work inspired me for going into it.

Imagine that you are excited about something you are about to do. You think you are doing really well and you are definitely giving your best due to your excitement. You make all efforts needed and even more in order to show your joyful engagement. Then it appears that what you did is not good enough but not because you did something wrong but because you did not have all information needed due to a lack of communication. Or you did something that was already organized – again due to a lack of communication. You think your whole work has become useless and the time was wasted. Not wasted in your eyes but you imagine your bosses would think like that.


I experienced exactly that last Tuesday in an intensive way. When I come in the morning I always need to check what happened during the last afternoon when I wasn’t there. At the moment so much is going on about organizing things that still need to be fixed, material we need, data which have to be put into the computer, and many more things which are not part of the actual work later. On that day last week, I got some things organized and after I communicated it I was told  that it all was already done. Great! I don’t want to blame anybody because we all need to get used to this new situation.  But on that very morning, I thought that it was all in vain. The crucial point is that not only my colleague and I start anew but also my bosses do and they need to figure out how to prevent misunderstandings. Anyway, on that day last week, I was very frustrated, to say the least. I also felt exhausted because I really gave it all.


After I felt sorry for myself I told me not to be silly because it wasn’t my fault. What I did was not wrong. It was just not complete in one way or not necessary in the other way due to missing instructions. Of course, I hope that my bosses see that too but in the end, I know that I did my best and I did it with enthusiasm (which might have actually increased the frustration). If that is not seen then it is not about me either. Sure, mistakes and misunderstandings will happen. But I know that the longer we all work together and the closer we are reaching the point where we are finally working on the real purpose, things are getting more and more into a routine. I won’t let myself get discouraged by days like these. They will happen at times even in a year from now. It is not about such days it is about the greater goal we all have and about moving towards step by step – together.


When activities are including more people the result is a co-creation. It doesn’t mean that one has only half the responsibility when working with a partner on something. It means that both have 100 % responsibility for the outcome. Only when both give 100 % of what they are able, the trail will lead to a path and the path to a road. Some days there are stones in the way and some days there might be a pothole. One day the one has more power to clear the path than the other. On another day both are sharing the clearing equally. Then again there might be times when one clears in order for the other one to go full speed. This is called pulling on the same string. Whatever both do, they should always give their best for the goal they want to achieve!


Whether it concerns work, a relationship, or a personal project you are working on, there can be setbacks. There can be times when you think what you do is not good enough. But never lose the grip of giving your best anyway. Giving your best is not something that should be planned for a specific occasion. It should be an attitude and characteristic constantly. If giving your best is part of your daily actions, it shines through all you do and it gives everything you do a much deeper meaning. You will definitely become much more content about what you achieved during the day. Taking things serious no matter how unimportant they may appear will make you enjoy doing them a lot more and they will for sure turn out a lot better. Even if things seem to go wrong today, continue giving your best tomorrow. Don’t doubt yourself when things are not working out the way you expected them. Your best depends on so many factors and it is not always the same. But it is your best on that day anyway. Another day – another chance! Seize the day! Decide to make it the best day ever in giving the best you are able to give on this very day.

When doubt takes over
Please don’t forget
Doubts are just thoughts
But not a fact

In Love and Light

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