The Effects of Compassionate Action of Society

Today I turn to a topic given by our wonderful artist Robert Goldstein. Robert is living with Inside Dissociative Identity Disorder. What made me follow him? The way he deals with it. He is aware of his disease and he knows exactly how to handle it although it often is a big challenge. This makes him a speaker for people with the same or other mental or physical diseases. He spreads information and awareness and stands up for the social acceptance that any physical or mental limitation also is part of life and that those people too have the right to live life to the fullest. They simply live differently due to different needs.

That leads me to Robert’s question. What would be the effects of society showing compassion; compassion as a part of daily life?

I often say that a smile at the right time can save a life. When we are sad or frustrated when painful things happened in our life and a stranger openly smiles at us, it can show us something that gives hope and the feeling of being not forgotten or for being not alone. It can be that little trigger that initiates a change of life through a different way to look at the situation or oneself.

Compassion to me is another word for showing understanding, for being willing to understand others. When you are going through a rough time, then you mostly are so confused by your own feelings that you don’t understand yourself anymore. When someone sits next to you and simply listens to all the weird things you have to say and says: “Hey, I understand how you feel and why you feel that way”, can all of a sudden calm the turmoil in your mind. That makes you able to step back and look at the situation from a distance. Only when we detach from the energy of a problem do we find the solution. We need to align with the energy of the solution because it has a different energy than the problem. As Einstein said:

Now, what can be the effects when society shows compassion?
First of all, there will be this understanding for the individual. Tolerance will spread like a bushfire. Equality will be not a right to be given anymore but a way of living together. The school system might change because everybody will be supported in their skills and honored for them. That means that our kids are raised in a strengthening and motivational environment. That again supports individual creativity because of the knowledge that everyone is able and allowed to fully unfold. Everybody will have the place they are made for and will give exactly what this world needs in order to make it a whole concept. Everybody is content with who they are. When everybody is content with who they are then there is no envy, no jealousy, no hatred, no striving, and no need for competition.

The whole concept of living together will change. There is no “better” or “more” ruling life but the intention to serve, to give what each one has to give. A healthy exchange takes place. And health is another keyword. When everybody lives in appreciation of one another, there is no pressure, no harm, and no outer influence that can make people sick. Because when compassion rules the world then we all shine from that immortal spirit that lives inside that body. When the true spirit can shine body, mind, and soul are in alignment and diseases will disappear as will violence.

Of course, this is what I believe might be the effects of the big picture. There are so many details, like advertisements and commercials will change. The picture of a perfect body image will change. Prejudice for any reason and addictions will disappear. Borders will open up. Hunger and war will cease. Of course, this is a big process. But I am convinced that when we show compassion to one another we get the ball rolling and it will roll all over the world to make it ONE better place.

One thing is for sure: Every one of us is a fantastic and unique creation that is never available a second time. We need to cherish the uniqueness of all of us. If we all only did one job or wanted to look one way, then we had no inspiration. We had no different points of view to find new perspectives. We would stop evolving. Compassion is an expression of understanding, acceptance, and support.

Society is only able to show compassion when we all are willing to do so as well.

Because we are a society!

Robert, I don’t know if this is what you expected as an answer. But it definitely is what blurted out of me. 😊 Thank you so much for giving me this topic!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Profound! People are so caught up with their own problems that there is no time show compassion. Sad, but true. As your tag line says – ‘Be the change you want to see in the world. If each one of us takes this step definitely the world will be a happier place.

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Erika, I wish the world as a whole had more compassion for people in general, Heaven help anyone if they are different. Too tired to comment like I want to and seriously, there is nothing I could say that hasn’t been said already.
Thank you, Though for reminding us. Awesome post Awesome subject.

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Reblogged this on Amity and commented:
Compassion is one of the core value of the nursing profession and the reason is not fat fetched. You can find out why is yhis beautiful post by erikakind.
Do have a lovely mid- weekπŸ˜‰

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Oh, thank you, Van. It really just flew out and I am so happy thayt this speaks to you. These times make it so important to let compassion take over. And it does more and more which is beautiful. 😊

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