#Haiku – In Good and Bad


Life goes up and down Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

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In Love and Light

#Haiku – Look Up


When life dims the light

Even in the darkest night

The stars are shining

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

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With Sue’s permission

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote


In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote


With Syl’s permission!

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote


In Love and Light

Thank You, WordPress angels!

thank-you-typewriterAs you all know, I recently changed my blog theme. Basically, all went very well and after only about 3 hours I not only found a fitting theme but also had it all set up. Unfortunately, some little issues occurred which I could not fix myself. I asked WordPress for help and they provided solutions within few hours only.  Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

You are not lost

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

With Syl’s permission:

I make good use of my hands

In Love and Light

Need Your Help!

Most of you know that my latest book was released March 1st. I posted about it here.

I want to say Thank You to all of you who read my post, left a comment or even already purchased the book. Really, you are awesome!  Read more ›

The Effects of Compassionate Action of Society

Today I turn to a topic given by our wonderful artist Robert Goldstein. Robert is living with Inside Dissociative Identity Disorder. What made me follow him? The way he deals with it. He is aware of his disease and he knows exactly how to handle it although it often is a big challenge. This makes him a speaker for people with the same or other mental or physical diseases. He spreads information and awareness and stands up for the social acceptance that any physical or mental limitation also is part of life and that those people too have the right to live life to the fullest. They simply live it differently due to different needs. Read more ›

Weekly Review

It is Friday and therefore time for my weekly review. I am very late today, sorry! There is a lot going on and tomorrow is my youngest son’s birthday which means there is a lot to prepare. I will do my best to catch up with your posts now 😊

Best of

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I am from Austria – and I am damn proud of it!

Not 13’000 but 25’000 refugees entered Austria on the weekend. A wave of helpfulness, solidarity, and humanity washed over the country. All organisations and institutions worked together hand in hand. Trains were provided to insure the further safe transportation. The people were supplied with all the things they needed. Read more ›

The borders are open!!!

10’000 refugees are expected to arrive in Vienna today. There are streams of people walking towards the Austrian border. Read more ›

Song of the Day!

I did not know which song to post today and started surfing through Youtube. Immediately I found it. This is one of my number one top favorite songs ever. I love it and I get very emotional every time I hear it. I don’t know how you feel about it, but it goes so deep and fills my heart with all possible emotions at once. Once I sang this song on a concert. It was an amazing moment for me. It definitely raised me up. Read more ›

When the need to help becomes a challenge…

It is hard when we are at a place of frustration or desperation. When life turns into a rollercoaster ride and you don’t know anymore if you are up or down. And even if you know it changes constantly. Somehow you back off but at the same time hope that someone sees it – feels it, because you don’t want to say anything – and is just there. Read more ›

The different Tidbit – The Stunt!

My parents’ house is up on a hill. That is not such a problem after I was able to drive a car in order to not be that separated from the fun areas anymore. The only problem was a long, completely straight and very steep street in winter. Read more ›

In Giving We Receive!

Giving is the most fulfilling receiving

In Love and Light!

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