The Potential Of A Miracle Lies In You!

The world urgently needs peace – not only with regard to ongoing wars. The population in general must unite so that we cannot only end wars but also help this planet heal the damage we have caused. That thought reminded me of a post from 2016:

Lately, I came across several posts talking about miracles and coincidences or some conversations turned out to be about them. I love this matter. I also made it the topic of my latest manuscript (which still is waiting in line to be translated and published in English). But what actually is a miracle? Most of us would say: It is an unexpected and sudden change of circumstances for the better. Do you agree? But are they really unexpected? 

I don’t believe in a higher power that judges randomly about any happenings or about the luck of individuals. I believe that whatever happens in this world is a natural consequence caused by many factors: actions or impulses of the individual or many people and the souls’ plans. And it all is perfectly concerted.

When we believe in something we automatically drop a seed. May it be through our words or our actions. Even through our thoughts, we are already expressing an attitude that gets recognized. We are planting seeds over seeds all day. Often we are planting them unconsciously or they appear so small or unimportant that we forget about them. Only when all of a sudden the fruit is hitting our head we may remember (or not). But however, even when unknowingly leaving a seed we must have thought of something, dreamed of, and hoped for something. Perhaps we even inspired others who shared our dream and vision, or who took action toward that specific direction (the co-creation). The smallest thought creates an emotion that makes us act or react. The smallest action causes a ripple we might not even notice. All of those ripples trigger something and create new ripples. It is definitely the law of attraction which strikes the cords of the same tone in whatever it touches. With every added stroke string the tone gets louder. Sometimes it can take a while and you are already questioning all your effort. The conditions need to get into order and you need to be ready to see and receive the manifestation. If all would have worked out right away you might not have seen the gift in the unfolding as you do it now. I think that not all seeds unfold most of all when you changed your mind. But basically, this thing with the unfolding of the seeds happens either way. If something has already reached a point of manifestation an old seed may surprise you by delivering a stinky fruit although you have already shifted your focus. But don’t be discouraged. They will get less the longer you stick with your new attitude.

The creative power of miracles always comes from our hearts. Thoughts have power indeed. But in the end, it is the feeling (influenced by a thought) which creates. We need to align our thoughts with our hearts and not the other way around. A thought directs our feelings. But when we let our hearts speak our feelings direct our thoughts. We set the priorities for which one we give the permission to lead. The problem is that the heart will never align with the mind because it knows the truth. It is so pure and clear. It is the “ego-free” zone. The heart would never sell itself to serve the unknowing mind. That is why the mind needs to be put in tune with the heart. They need to work together in order for you to feel whole and to walk your unique path in this life the way it matches who you really are. That way you can deal better with what comes your way and whatever happens, you will use to step up instead of letting it bring you down.

Whatever comes from our hearts is the voice of our being and this voice is reminding us of all the things that are waiting to be achieved or experienced in order to fulfill our personal plan for this lifetime. Whatever comes from that place has the strongest creative influence. It is the power that gave life to your body. If you are able to create such a miracle then where shall be your limits? As long as you drop your seeds from that place of love within you, they will sprout even when falling on dry ground. Because what comes from your heart is meant to come into this world for fulfilling its purpose. A little watering with your faith doesn’t hurt btw. it supports progress! You are a divine being. Divinity makes no mistakes. However complicated or impossible something may appear when you feel it in your heart then don’t limit yourself and drop the seed! When we give our hearts the priority to direct we give ourselves the permission to live our lives. Then we use our thoughts to support that realization…. and miracles can happen.

There are things I feel inside, there are things many feel inside, and there are things we all dream of and hope for. Here we come to co-creation which is happening constantly. Most things are co-created – even our own success in our own little world. What involves more than my person is co-created. Let’s look at the bigger picture. The more people believe in something – whether consciously or unconsciously – the more actions happen toward that goal. I love to put peace at the center of my attention. We all want peace (except for the few who earn money from war), but we all need to believe in peace. We need to act to support peace in all we do. We cannot want to be treated with respect and tolerance but act disrespectfully and intolerant. We need to trigger ripples of what we want to get. Miracles don’t happen just so. Peace is meant for us because love is who we really are. So, the more we believe in who we are the more we will create TOGETHER a peaceful world.  Whatever happens in this world teaches us that only love causes love. Aggression, resentment, anger, frustration…. only cause more of what we don’t even want. As long as not everybody believes that only peace can create peace, we still have to face terror and violence. But that doesn’t mean that it is in vain to believe in peace. Imagine that it takes about 8 billion people to make it work. To make the miracle happen we need to stick with the belief until the last one does! It might be a long way but it is the only way!

The more you are who you really are, the more divinity comes through
and miracles just happen as a natural consequence.
We don’t need to beg for miracles – we can create them!
Let’s simply do it!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


And never forget the active steps or chances and opportunities will pass by and dissolve again unused. When they are unused the belief alone may not suffiece. Life can only offer chances to reach our desired destination but we need to make the effort to take them.

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Yes, lets just do it and let it ripple outward. But it is an interesting thing that we are taught our fears, even compound them from our environment. The ego then holding all those doubts and fears …from what we believe. But once we understand our fear…the ego stops…we have taught it to see loves truth…our love we have just found has changed it. That very strong energy that love is. And in understanding that we become very strong in that belief in all we have endured to find that truth and it no longer has those doubts chattering away, we have silenced it, and finally silenced our own doubts to become that unconditional love. The conditional love has nothing more to say, we’ve changed it with a love that is silent. Unconditional love ‘just is’. No more trying to justify something because of our doubts. Silence has ever been its own truth, a completeness, an arrival to just be.
Now, we just have to remove everyone’s fear and I think to do that is to remove the money making direction that 99% of schools have and replace it very simply by teaching people how to love. Which brings us to why is most decision making done by those who fear the most, and push what they are onto others. Hence the direction of schools as money making producers in life. Love barely gets a word in. Or is that when I say that we cannot appreciate happiness unless we experience sadness first, cannot truly appreciate love unless we experience fear first.
There must be a balance in there somewhere, that place where we say ‘enough’ and do step past our fear and want to be that love we ever look for. But can enough do this past those forceful, fearful people that compound this at a very young age in schools…before they push a button.
Yes, we must see it all…and thankfully a change is coming. More and more see that this cannot go on and want to become that change, see that in their fears those that are supposed to be leading the way for us all are only reacting to their fears, grasping harder from that lack of love and becoming more strident and agitated, calling harder for attention…just as fear does.
It is also interesting to note that the next generation coming through are at those opposites, of a more angry but also more loving generational divide. May we find that love and peace within us all, dare to go beyond fears reach and hold a flower instead of fears button, and become something new, that miracle that is within us all.
A well written post Erika, to make the mind think and dare to go beyond itself, into that field of flowers and peace, no longer allowing the noise to hold us 😀❤️🙏

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You touched something important here. All the time, we hear that the ego is bad and only tries to trick us and talk us into following false paths. But I see the ego as the tool of life to teach us what does not work in the end. It is the teachings we absorbed without knowing if it is true at all. It is the experiences that we stored in our own way and from which we take our information for more experiences. It is in the ego to show us the misunderstanding of how life and we ourselves work. So, yes, fear is ego’s tool to take us to the edge to find out which way we want to take and to break out of the misunderstanding.
Thank you for reading and leaving such an amazing comment here, Mark!!

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And thank you for sharing something so powerful Erika. Miracles are indeed what we make them, that belief we build from that love we open to in going beyond our fears. Is not that beauty of love that belief within, empowering love and teaching us to step a little further even if afraid. That energy is indeed the making of us. A beautiful share kind lady, may we ever believe in its power 😀❤️🙏

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Sometimes it is hard to know what we really want to spread. Often we rather know what we don’t know what we don’t want and then we need to find the fitting opposite to define the endresults and the seeds we want to plant. And you say it, one person is enough to change a life and that person can and must always be the individual itself to make the change rooting and lasting. Thank you very much for reading, Gary!


I totally love this post, Erika. So often, we “pray” for miracles when we are the creators of them. I love what you said about planting seeds. Plant, then water, then nurture, and they can do nothing but grow!

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You summed this all up so well, Jan! Yes, we sit and wait that things fall into place and forget that we can move them. Thank you for taking the time and I am glad this post spoke to you.


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