It’s In The Way We Vibrate

Several months ago, I printed this quote and hung it above my workplace. Although I do know this, I find myself worrying about negative results (mainly when it comes to my employed job). At least I notice and usually get myself out of this negative attitude and back on track. Still, I am surprised how deeply such behavior must be rooted in me.

This observation made me watch my surrounding a little better and see if my behavior is (also) an unconscious reaction to the influence of the flow around me. Again, I was surprised that still there is a lot of negative attitudes in people around me. Worrying seems to be the first thing to do when any not completely good news is received. And even if everything seems going smooth all over, some people cannot accept it.

But what if …
the train is delayed, and we miss the flight?
the car breaks down, and I miss my exam?
the weather changes, and we get a thunderstorm at the party?
the meeting will overwhelm me because I can’t answer the questions?
I can’t make it in the required time?
the trip is canceled because the Corona situation worsens again?
the second Covid injection makes me react badly, as has happened to most people I know?
I haven’t prepared enough food or not the food they like?

Yes, all of this could happen. And it is more likely to happen the more the focus is on that outcome. The feelings we develop as a result of our thoughts are powerful vibrational energy. And those vibrations ultimately attract the result of the matching vibration. Again: the law of attraction inaction.

It is necessary to break out of this automatic pattern of thinking. It is not easy when we are used to worrying first for decades. But it is possible. The important thing is to persevere, to observe ourselves, to exchange negative thoughts for positive ones, and to connect ourselves emotionally with the desired result. In the beginning, it takes good stamina, and we have to do it consciously over and over again. But very soon, changing the thoughts will become a habit, and after a while, the changed way of thinking will have become a new reflex. From there, a new thinking pattern develops and settles.

But attention! It should not happen that one desperately bites into a certain goal. Because this can at the same time fuel the fear that that goal will not be achieved. One thinks positively, but feels the fear of the negative. Thus, one would not feel what one wants, but one would radiate the energy of the result, which one just does not want. A positive attitude is important, but it should not lead to living past life and negating its developments. Instead, we should practice allying ourselves with life and let our positive attitude be the force that sees life as a partner rather than an adversary.

What if … 
everything works out well. And even if it doesn’t, what if a solution is always at hand?
I allow myself not to be perfect, let things happen, be more serene, and therefore more concentrated and focused? 
a changed situation brings interesting new developments? 
the real blessing comes from things not working out?

What if … life simply happens to guide us not to punish us?

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


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