Open Your Arms… You Deserve The Best!


We all experience what we allow ourselves to experience. We only see what we look at. Every day more things happen around us than we notice. And this is ok because we cannot absorb all that happens in all its varieties. That’s why we only see things from the state of consciousness we are at that moment. That is all it needs. Because everybody will find exactly what’s meant for them at that very moment. Isn’t it just amazing to think that even one single situation holds every little aspect for everyone who encounters it in its individual way? I am still mesmerized by that thought. 


So whatever happens in a moment, in a day, in our lives, we will always see it from our personal point in life we are right then. If we believe we are lonely and no one cares then the helping hand will not say: “I am one of many hands who are there for you.” No, you will perceive it as: “That helping hand feels pity because I am lonely. Which proves my obvious loneliness.” That person is so focused on its pain and on the conviction of being lonely that they will not even see all the helping hands reached out to them. They often won’t even allow to help them and rather push them away to confirm their loneliness.


The same happens with love. The more I feel worthy to be loved the more I will love myself, the more love I will send out, and the multiple times more love I will receive. Many years ago I had an amazingly good-hearted woman coming to my practice. She did everything for everyone. Really, everything. She was treated like second class by her husband and his family and that unfortunately infected the kids too and they got mean and difficult to handle for her. She began to suffer from anorexia and it was shocking to watch her falling more and more apart. After she finally decided to get help and went to a therapy she left her husband but it was a horror for her. She got no support but instead got blamed for everything and cheated for every little cent she needed to feed her kids. I admired her for how she made it although she was close to breaking down due to the sorrows and the pressure. She accepted help and was more than happy about it. But she was full of guilt feelings at the same time. She said she can never give that back to me or the others who helped her. I often told her that she deserves the love and help she gets because she needs it right now. I told her that she is giving so much too in the way she can which was more than enough. What matters is that love and help is given where it is needed at the time when it is needed. But it doesn’t matter if this happens between the same people. We are all one big family, sitting in the same boat (or on the same planet). So what you do to my neighbor you do to me.


It is so important to give love but it is at least the same important to accept it or the love that wants to be given brings sadness instead of building up an unbreakable force. If we consider someone as worthy of love then you are the same worthy. There is no one more or less important or worthwhile. No one! Who is entitled to define who is worthy of love? Who is entitled to define if I am worthy in general? No one is. And I mean NO ONE… not even I myself!


We are all precious, light-filled, divine creations made by and of love. If you consider yourself or others less deserving then you simply forgot who you and we all are.

When you believe it, it will be it!


In Love and Light

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Erika, your second banner speaks to what I witness in too many people. They have to denigrate themselves and cannot accept any compliments. I told one relative she needs to quit picking on herself. There is an old line that applies about this mindset – the person does not want to go to party where the host was stupid enough to invite him or her. That is an “Eeyore” attitude that is hard to remedy. Keith

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Yes, it is scary how strong that belief is implanted in some people! They are so convinced that everyone else is more deserving than they are and whatever you try to explain they will always find a “but”… at one point I stop talking to them because we are walking in circles!


These words so encouraged me, Erika. As I told a grief counselor today I don’t know much about anything not even what I am feeling. Even though I don’t “feel” love for me, I “know” it’s still there however because I see the reception of my energy. Yes even under these extremely difficult circumstances, I am still creating and accepting LOVE. And as time moves on and this pain is not as acute, I’ll “feel” love again. Thanks so much for this post!! 💞

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Amy, that was a touching comment. You have become so aligned with love over the past years that even if you may not feel it right now, it is so present that it carries you through the difficult times until you can walk by yourself again. I am sending you the biggest bear hug, dear Amy 💖

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