Not What You Do But Who You Are

I often mention that I am writing my posts quite a while ahead to make sure that I am having them ready even when something gets in my way. What amazes me very often is the fact that so many readers say, how timely the post was for them and probably would not have touched anything in them if it was published right away.

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Am I selfish to be selfish?

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How far do our obligations go regarding keeping up with activities and services we once started? Life changes, our circumstances change, situations change, attitudes, change, priorities change… heck, we change! Although, from an impartial point of view, there is no question that it is clear to adjust parts of our lives to changes in our lives. But why can it be so hard to pull it through? Read more ›

Open Your Arms… You Deserve The Best!


We all experience what we allow ourselves to experience. We only see what we look at. Every day more things happen around us than we notice. And this is ok because we cannot absorb all that happens in all its varieties. That’s why we only see things from the state of consciousness we are at that moment. That is all it needs. Because everybody will find exactly what’s meant for them at that very moment. Isn’t it just amazing to think that even one single situation holds every little aspect for everyone who encounters it in its individual way? I am still mesmerized by that thought.  Read more ›

Then Send Love…


Don’t worry, this is not going to be a post in which I ask everyone to have their heads up in the clouds and blindly love everything and everyone whether you feel like it or not. Perhaps it would prevent a lot of conflicts but I am not that type of person who offers the right cheek when I was just slapped on the left one.  Read more ›

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