Consequences – Our Guidlines


We are experiencing consequences day by day and probably moment by moment. Most of those little daily consequences happen unnoticed or unrecognized. When I go outside while it is snowing only wearing a t-shirt, I will be cold. When I touch a hot stove I will be burned. Natural consequences we mostly don’t question. Sometimes they simply remind us of further experiences or (in case we learned the lesson) we already include the experienced consequence in our decisions and won’t touch that hot stove deliberately.


All decisions we make cause consequences. No matter what decision it is. Some are predictable and some are not. The more predictable and calculable they are the quicker we are to make the decision. The more drastic, life-changing, and unpredictable they are (mostly due to other people involved in the process) the longer we ponder.


Consequences are the necessary factor to lead us and teach us. Without consequences, we wouldn’t develop. Whether they are confirming and brightening our days or they are challenging us to the core of our being. They always keep us on track because we experience them exactly the way we need to in order to become the person we are meant to become. Sometimes we ignore them (deliberately or not) and keep on making the same decision repeatedly or we cannot let go of one and the same decision. That means we are experiencing similar consequences over and over again. For those who are not aware it feels like a punishment. Or they see it as a misunderstood confirmation that it is their fate. But in reality, it is only a sign that when they run against a wall they will end up with a bloody nose. Perhaps one day the will look to the side, see the door, and walk through it, walk around it, or climb over it.


Sometimes we need to make a decision without having the slightest experience or idea how it could turn out. We only know that something needs to change. It feels scary and probably it takes us quite a while to make a certain step… if at all. But however it will turn out, they will teach us something we are meant to experience in order to develop. The experience we make from the consequences we feel today is the starting point for the next step in order to experience new consequences/experiences and therefore again development. Even though a consequence we made leads us to reverse a decision (if possible), it is not a step back at all! It may appear that way and perhaps we think we are a failure but that is not the case. Whatever step we make next is always a step forward because we take something along from the consequence we experienced. We know why we go back and we do it determined. It is not the same place anymore to which we return.


Don’t misunderstand it: not taking steps doesn’t keep you from consequences… they only push harder. Also not making a decision has its consequence. Consequences are THE teaching tool for us to evolve. They are the step stones on our journey through this life. No matter how hard they may appear they are no punishment but they show what our actions cause, if we want to keep up the path, or if we want to change the direction. They are the keys to our insights.


In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


Learning: better to learn, that means experiences from reactions / consequences. Each of us makes different experiences by going for the same action, so we can’t just rely on stories / recommandations of others.
We have to burn our own hands to realize how hot the stove really is (hopefully not to often 😉).

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That’s a good point! The same situation is experienced differently to everyone and even to the same person regarding where they stand right now!
And yes, some may have pretty thick bandages around their hands from the repeated burning… lol!

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