Opinions – A Jungle of Confusion


We all have them. We all have an opinion about everything. Sometimes it is a spontaneous impression, a reflex through something we already knew or a feeling. We even have an opinion although we try to convince ourselves not to have one or when we are insecure we listen to others first and decide if we go with their opinion.


Anyway, we have opinions. Opinions are points of view which occur from the way we look at life and what we experienced by then. That’s also why opinions can change. We make different experiences or we are open enough to listen to other people’s opinion which can make us see a greater context, a bigger picture or simply a specific or important part we overlooked by then. But still, it is an opinion – one of billions.


What I try to say is that an opinion is not a truth. It may be a truth for that particular person at that particular moment but it is not a general truth. Opinions are also important to make us walk towards particular goals which again can change once the opinion changes. This too confirms that an opinion can never be THE truth because THE truth doesn’t change. Opinions are subjective and therefore it is nonsense to fight over an opinion. No one will ever win.


The most influencing opinion for our lives is the opinion of ourselves – the way we think and feel about us AND (even more important because it can be affecting our lives dramatically) the opinion of others regarding our person. If certain people don’t think nice of us and always complain about what we do or how we live our lives, it can cause insecurity and fear. It can be one single person to cause this if they are at the right position that we are receptive to their opinions. The more depending we are on someone the more weight has their opinion. But it is still only an opinion. The cause can be jealousy, a low self-esteem they have themselves and need to dominate others, a big ego and to feed it by controlling others, fearing something about you or envying you something they don’t or can’t have or be.
(I am not talking here about obvious threats! When your instinct sends a message you should follow it. I am talking about discriminating, hurting, or offending others only because they are who they are.  And that – in my opinion – has always to do with those people in the first place.) 


But let’s look at positive opinions. They make us feel good, nurture our self-esteem, encourage us. They make us smile and empower us. But because there seems no jealousy or fear getting in the way, does that make a positive opinion more of a truth? Not at all! It still is an opinion – and opinions can change. The funny thing even is that we tend to believe a bad opinion even more than a good one. Imagine you have written a book and you get 10 reviews. 9 are praising the book to the max but one says some negative things. I don’t even mean it totally spurns it. Just something you perhaps thought was very good. Now, what lingers more on your mind? The nine positive reviews or that one negative review?


But what or whom shall we believe now? The good or the bad opinions about us? You know what? NONE of them!! Whatever opinion – good or bad – is an opinion. You can accept one more as the other one and of course, the good ones make more sense because they feel good and help you more to be who you are. But they also hold the danger to make you go in a certain direction only because you receive other people’s approval that way. Opinions are not the person they are about and not the one who has them. They are an imagination from what we know so far.


Relying on opinions can be very tricky either way! Whether positive or negative – they still are opinions which can change with the weather. I don’t say, ignore what others tell you. They can give you important hints and new points of view. But don’t ever believe it is a truth. Take from other people’s statements about your person what fits or you. Also, a negative opinion can have exactly the message you need in order to act in a certain way and make the experiences you need to make for your own personal development. The greatest pioneers arose from other people’s negative opinions. Always keep in mind that whatever opinion someone has about you or about your life: Don’t identify yourself with it. You are not what others think of you. You are not even what you think of yourself. But it does affect and direct your life. Look at opinions, taste them, and then form your own opinion! But this is only my opinion 😉

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


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This makes me think of how I will make a new friend & for a long time, I may think they are smart, kind & nonjudgmental. Then suddenly, they do something that I consider rather terrible. It changes my perception of them so much that I can’t always continue the friendship. 😉 ❤
Peace, love & reality to all,
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My opinion is – this is a great post! I love your insights here. And you’re right our opinions can change over time. That is how we learn and grow! I know my opinions have changed over the years, and I have been amazed. Thanks again.

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I love your opinion 😃 Yes, it is truly amazing when we look back … sometimes not even too far… and see how we changed the way we look at certain situations, people, us, life…. And each opinion we had before led us to the point from where we look back! Life is awesome!

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Erika, well done milady. The quotes accentuate your theme well – of course that is my opinion. An old friend who has passed away had a great line about opinions against you. She would say, “Don’t cede your power. If you don’t take offense, you are not offended.”

Take care my friend, Keith

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Even if we all see the same image or the same color – it emits different heartstrings and emotions in us. All of this has to do with our memories and own experiences we collected day for day. Therefore each has its own reality and its own opinion for every event. However, we need to be open to accept other opinions but we don’t need to adopt it.

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Yep, I agree all the way! We have different perspectives in order to make different experiences in order to develop in the way that keeps us on our soul’s path and leads towards the insights we are meant to have. And the story repeats! And yes, we need to respect that everybody is entitled to have their opinion as we are entitled to have ours but as Buddha said… only believe what your own reason! Thank you!

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I am so happy to hear, Lynn! We all are at different places in our lives and we all need different experiences to learn what we are meant to learn. That’s why we even need to see things differently in order to make exactly the experience that leads us to the insights we are supposed to have!
Seems so simple… lol!

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