Believe The Signs Of Confirmation!


Have you experienced that too? You carry something inside of you and more and more you notice hints around you which relate to what you are pondering. You never read the newspaper but for some reason, you get to see a specific headline when you see someone else reading it – and it speaks to you. You start your car and the first song the radio plays (perhaps just a part of the lyrics) speaks to you. You listen to a conversation of two people and a particular phrase or context speaks to you. You read the posts of the blogs you follow and more posts than ever seem to relate to what you are dealing with. 


All of this are signs to show you a path or actually to show you what you already know. We all know the decisions to make immediately by our inner feeling. But what keeps us from making that decision right away is the mind that goes in between, starts questioning the reason, and feeds us with doubts and considerations. We get insecure and confused. Perhaps we can push the issue aside for a while. But it will all catch up with us again. When we sweep something under the carpet it may be out of sight but it is still there. Perhaps more things regarding that issue come along and we keep sweeping it under the carpet until the pile becomes too big and we stumble over it all the time. That’s the moment when we know we have to face it.


So much can come along with decisions: Will it make things better or worse? What will my surrounding think about it? Mostly we are postponing them because we are more concerned about how they may affect others than how they may affect us. This is totally out of our control and that may bother even more. But in the end, it is YOUR task to be approached because it is YOU standing at the crossroad. No one can do that for you. You may be scared about the known or unknown consequences, but it doesn’t change the fact that a decision has to be made. The longer you wait the more the pressure and frustration grow because you find yourself at a place where you don’t belong anymore. And this is also felt by everyone involved.


We all affect each other in all we do every day. Sometimes that doesn’t have dramatic results and sometimes it is life changing. But also the decisions others make which influence our lives are part of the individual life path because it pushes you to walk towards the direction you are meant to for the development you are meant to. In the end, you need to make the decision for you because you won’t ever get it done otherwise. It may sound hard but that way you give yourself and everybody else the opportunity to rearrange their lives.


See the signs and take them serious. Whatever speaks to you, confirms your feelings, or fortifies your inner conviction, says: THIS IS THE WAY! Every added sign will encourage you more until you feel ready. Exclude everything and everyone around you and only think what would YOU want. Only when you are clear what you want you can stand behind your decision and walk on solid ground no matter what turmoil may be around you in the beginning until all changes have settled. Make the decision and dare to take the step. Once you did it don’t look back but go from the new place – or you will get stuck again.

As Sue said it in her post The Maze – Matix of Life:
Whatever you do, do it with love in your hearts and embrace your moment of Now. For there truly is no other better one than this moment to start the changes needed to change the rest of your Life.
Whatever you do, do it with love – even though you may be the only one understanding for a while.


Nobody said life was easy
but the most important decisions
have rarely been the easy ones.

In Love and Light


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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Reading this reminded me of a rather stressful time I was going through not long after my Mother had passed away. I was worried about all sorts of things that I had no control over. Then, just as I was getting to the point where I felt I was going over the edge, I sat down while out walking the dogs. Something to the left of me sparkled and I saw it was the sun shining on one of those small brass plates attached to the bench I had sat down on. I got up and read the words on the brass plate. It had the name of a woman on it and the year she was born and the year she had died. Underneath was a quote that simply said: “Don’t worry about anything.” You don’t know how much reading that brass plate helped me, Erika. It came just at the right time.

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Hugh, this is such a touching story. I am still having goosebumps. That was such a clear message and I am deeply moved. I can imagine what this meant to you and how it gave you new strength after the overwhelming time. Thank you so much for sharing this. I really appreciate it and I am humbled that the post made you think of it.

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Your post seemed the perfect place to share the story, Erika. As soon as I started reading this post, the story of what happened to me came back. I don’t like thinking about it too much because of what I went through before I sat down on that bench that day.

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Erika, well shared. I love the one about decision vs indecision. Sometimes, you just have to try. “Tis’ better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” Keith

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