Fear Is Only A Tool

This post is highly inspired by a discussion between Gail, Mark, and myself. The topic of fear never ceases to affect our lives in some way. Be it our own fears or those of people we encounter or are close to.

One thing is clear: fear handicaps us. Sometimes it can save us from harm (e.g., not jumping off a high cliff). Although I call that kind of fear intuition. What I mean here is the limiting effect of fears that arise from uncertainty.
Fear can keep us from seizing opportunities that fall into our laps. It can keep us from living the life we’ve wanted because we’re too afraid of the effort involved, of being questioned, of failing along the way, or of losing a perceived safety net.

Where does this fear come from? It can’t be natural in everyone because we see the evidence in people who naturally take the steps necessary to get to where they see themselves. Some would say they talk from experience. But no one can have experience with something they have not yet experienced. Previous experiences from other situations got connected to another person we once were. This other person has put every similar experience into the same thought folder and has taken information out of it in similar future situations. Diligent beliefs have been collected about why things won’t work out.

The vessel got probably created at some point in our childhood. A child is born without any preconceptions. It has an instinct and personality, but a newborn has no ego or expectations to be disappointed. It is simply there and absorbs what it gets. It is influenced by those close to it, and what it hears about them in its first years, it may believe and store within itself. It learns to keep its mouth shut so as to not be humiliated because it has its own developing mind. It learns to lie so as not to be disciplined when telling the truth. It learns to avoid disharmony so as not to be drawn into a conflict. Instead, it never learns to argue, develop its own point of view, support itself, and be an honest and open person. So, this is where fears are born.

But there must be a meaning behind all this. Otherwise, why would we choose to incarnate if it’s just to get rid of old dogmas? This is precisely the great miracle we are meant to discover in physical life. Before we incarnate, we see the whole big picture (or at least a much bigger picture than what we perceive from our physical perspective). We live as spirit, as light. We know our abilities and who we are very well; and so does everyone around us – light and much consciousness everywhere. But who appreciates and notices the light of a candle in the bright summer sun? That’s why we’re down here: to remind ourselves of who we really are. Here we are: a light in the darkness. As I have often heard, incarnation on planet Earth is the hardest and consequently, most effective way of development. When we incarnate, we pass through the gate of oblivion. That is why we arrive pure and spotless. In childhood, ways of thinking, beliefs, and dogmas act like screens that distort the view of ourselves more and more. We need this because the realization of who we are lies in removing these darkening screens piece by piece.

There is no greater joy, fulfillment, and inner satisfaction than understanding who I really am. Then there is no more proving or justifying myself to others, but also no more hiding. Only understanding why I have to work my way through the stones I have collected makes these stones a path on which I can walk. Or I can make them a tower from which I get a better overview. This understanding alone takes away some of the fear because I understand that fear is only a tool and not a part of me.

Am I free of fears? No
May I ever be free of fears? Probably not
Does that scare me? Not at all

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Ah dear Erika, this is brilliant. The path that teaches, the journey that discovers in all that you have said. We have indeed been given this place to touch and feel in incredible ways, in doing or not it will attract accordingly and show us ‘us’.
I distinctly remember being in the middle of my divorce, in a mess, angry…and finally in frustration I dared God to show me some sanity in all of this worlds craziness. And He did, each and every step Spirit poked my nose in it until I began to realize that this ‘mess’ was indeed the making of us, each and every step an awakening.
It can’t be seen at first, but that is fears purpose. To keep us ignorant in our inexperience…but know it is there we must go. And in achieving each and every step a new confidence, a new understanding, which of itself tells us that we can do it all…just one or two, ok, maybe a few things that we still struggle with. But they are the one’s that will give such a profound awakening in achieving those steps.
This is so well said dear lady, it shows a heart and soul on a journey, a free journey to dare as we will. And in achieving showing us that our doubts and fears are but that separation of the love we ever look for. Again, brilliant, thank you for sharing. And Marianne Williamson expressed it beautifully πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

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If there was no fog we would not search for the right path, right? Whatever task is thrown in front of our feet, the purpose is always to get closer to ourselves, to discover more of ourselves again, and to remember the invincible power that we actually are and can never lose, no matte the challenge. Each hit only knocks more of the dirt away that covers our light and love. So, let’s brush ourselves off as good as possible that not so heavy hits are necessary… lol
Let’s continue this journey with an open heart to enjoy it and be aware that everything that happens, happens for our highest good. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, dear Mark πŸ’–

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Erika, I love Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote. A great story about her shows how brave she was. President Harry Truman asked her to lead an US delegation to help form the United Nations. When she was insistent that the charter statement speak about human rights and said the US would not sign a document without it, some of her previous adversaries who were on the delegation said the following about the former first lady. They said “we take back every bad thing we ever said about Eleanor Roosevelt.”

It is reported that she had a hand in her husband’s line in a speech after Pearl Harbor. The line reads “The only thing to fear is fear itself. ” From several sources, FDR trusted her input like no other’s and she would read his speeches and offer her thoughts.


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She must have been a very wise woman with a very big heart. What a gift for your nation that you had her. More of people like her are urgently needed these days. Thank you for this beautiful stories about her. Yes, indeed, it is fear itself to be feared… it is the only thing that can keep us from stepping forward. Thank you, Keith!

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Fear is forward thinking of a negative outcome that either causes us to stop dead in our tracks or go in another direction, but at the same time, fear can be controlled and overcome.

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Ok, so that calls for a quote. Would you let me quote you with this part: “Fear is forward thinking of a negative outcome”
To me, fear is the guard of the breakthrough door. Where it shows up a breakthrough waits to be experienced.

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Great Post Erika, and an interesting sequel would be about actions and consequences, as they are inherently linked. i.e. I can decide to just “be me” with all my strengths and weaknesses, but with that display comes consequences which I must be prepared for. I can take on a huge project, but must accept skepticism from others regarding my ability to complete it.

This in no way takes away from the deep satisfaction of “just being you”, but there are realities which must be accepted. Finally. as the late Leo Buscaglia noted in one of his talks – “You might as well be you because you sure as hell can’t be anybody else!”

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Absolutely, Colin. the consequence of going beyond fear may likely confront us with situations that can cause again fear. So once one decided to conquer one fear, he may encounter lots of new situations he never experienced before. Being “me” is a constant process of development. It can indeed be scary but is the challenge that pushes us forward. As you said, that is what makes life meaningful and satisfying. And I love the quote. You are always you, no matter who you try to be. It will always be you. Thank you for adding your thoughts. As always, they are inspiring!

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