Weed Or Rose?

Lately, after work, I briefly strolled through my garden to see how everything is growing and blossoming. Briefly – or so I thought. Of course, I discovered weeds and more weeds. And while I was removing it, I already saw more weeds that needed to be removed. In the end, the whole thing took almost an hour. I’m someone who can’t just think, I’ll do it at another time. Because I never know when that other time will be. So I do it right away.

I would not even mind weeds because it is nature. In fact, real pure life – strong and independent of any human support. But the problem with weeds is that the sooner I get them, the less chance they have of spreading and, in the long run, even crowding out the plants I actually want in my garden so that it looks to my liking. This got me thinking… Is my taste unnatural because it doesn’t include naturally growing plants? Is it wrong to plant something that doesn’t grow by itself and remove what does grow by itself in exchange?

Pondering, pondering, pondering

I began to compare them with our beings. What am I planting in my life? And thus, first and foremost, what am I planting in my thoughts? What is natural and what is not? Which form is me and which is not? What is a weed and what is a beautiful rose? Maybe I think I’m planting a rose, but it’s weeds that take away the space for roses to grow? For a moment, this was a little overwhelming. But soon light was shed on the matter.

Whatever we plant is an expression of who we are at that moment. Who we are is our creation. We can be whoever we want to be. Even if we plant a weed thinking it is a rose, we will find out one day. Sometimes we don’t recognize it right away when something green comes out of the ground. We may have to wait before we remove it, just to see if it’s something we planted some time ago but don’t remember. We don’t want to accidentally pull out a beautiful lily. But even if we let a weed grow on purpose, is that fundamentally bad? Perhaps that is the strong foundation of who we are, our true nature that remains strong despite all adversity. And maybe it’s what makes the roses inside us look even more beautiful.

So to stay with the analogy: Whatever a garden may look like from the outside, the interpretation is subjective anyway, for example: a neat and tidy garden may say that the owner is doing their work with a lot of engagement and love. Or they want to represent something. A wild garden can say: I just let my garden be free to be as it may be, or that I don’t care about it at all. Or maybe I just don’t have time to take care of it because I’m taking care of other things or people. Nothing is better or worse. So now what? I’ve come to the conclusion that it just doesn’t matter. It matters that it fits the owner. Only they know why things are as they are, and that’s ok.

pretty weedy

So far, I’ll continue to weed when I have time and plant what I like to see. Sometimes it will look a little wild because I’m also responsible for many other things. That’s who I am today – the rose and the weed.

I am who I am, and you are who you are.
And from there, we create who we want to become.
Let’s simply do it with our best intentions.
If others enjoy that – how wonderful!
If they don’t – they might need to take care of their own garden first

In Love and Light🌹

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I totally love your point of view, Gary. This is so in alignment with creation. Really, I love this. It takes pressure from being forced to clean and clear all the time (in- and outside). The tea concept is smart too. What grows the most around us is kind of filling a lack in us (physically and/or mentally). So, nothing just happens accidentally. Nature is amazing!


I see weeds as the negative people that sometimes enter my life. I don’t want them in my life, so I weed them out. But then some negative people can grow into a rose, so I don’t weed them out straight away. I will give them a chance to grow into a rose.
You have a lovely garden, Erika. I hope you have plenty of time to use it at this time of the year.

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I see weeds too as any negative or limiting aspect we let into our lives or create unconsciously over time in ourselves. People can be part of that. But as you said, sometimes we need to be careful not to weed out too quickly. Also, every weed holds something we need and which helps us to raise our awareness… and if it is in weeding things out. Thank you, Hugh.
I hope so too. So far the time was pretty limited but I enjoy every minute 😊

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Actually, I am pretty fine with weeds (not necessarily everywhere) but since I know about the many healing effect they have, I honor them… Still, I need to replace some at times… lol


Your garden is beautiful Erika, the way it is and I don’t think that there are general truth, which are valid forever, but I must admit that some years ago we have started giving more space to the plants and flower, which just grow on their own! In this sense, just enjoy your precious garden:)

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I am there too. I learned a lot about herbs and healing plants and lots of what we call “weed” has a strong healing effect. So, I see this differently now. Thank you very much, Martina 💖


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