In times of trouble, desperation, pressure, and frustration, never forget that this shall pass too. While facing the challenge and going through it, you are digging deeper into your potential.

Once you are through, you will look back and down because you have reached a higher plateau from where no one can push you down anymore. Remember, we all are going through those times. You are not alone!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


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Hi, Gary! Yes, I absolutely think so too. Breaking may be painful but it makes the most beautiful parts of us surface. The power we feel after we recognize that part of us and realizing that it has always been there is so much more empowering.
I am definitely similing, Gary😊

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That’s so lovely of you to say, dear Mark! We will see how many breaks are still necessary until I am leaving this physical world. There is still potential… lol! Have a lovely rest of your day 😊

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Erika, glowsticks forever. We all fail at some point or points. How we handle failure is what matters.

I heard a powerful story from the famous designer Diane Von Furstenberg last night on a show called “Finding your Roots.” Her mother survived Aushwitz. She befriended a woman on the train there and stayed with her. As she got off the train, a soldier at a table separated people in two lines. There was a man behind this one watching. Her mother followed the woman in one line, but the observing man yanked her from the line and put her in the other line – she despised that man for doing it. What she did not know, he saved her life as her friend was in the gas chamber line. Her mother said you never know what will become of things outside your control. So, press on and make the most of life.

This was a wow moment. On the show, she heard a similar story about her father, whose mother told him not to come home from University as it was too dangerous there. His mother was killed by the Nazis after being rounded up.

So, we must live and be daring. We will fail, but we should not stop trying. Keith

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Those are wonderful examples that life always takes care that we are staying on our path. In my book, I wrote about how many people have cursed themselves for missing the subway and coming to work too late… only to realize later that it saved their lives because they could not enter the WTC anymore. Also, I know a person in our village who got sick and couldn’t take the Swiss flight to NYC in 1998. She was saved because that flight crashed in Halifax… Sometimes we find the reason but sometimes we don’t because those tragedies don’t even happen since we are not involved. The universe is perfectly organized. What happens, happens for a reason.
Yes, absolutely, we need to go for what we want or for what we feel passionate about. But need to develop that wisdom to realize when to accept things and try a different path. Sometimes it is only about that. As Edison said, he knows thousands of ways of how a light bulb doesn’t work…
Sorry for that long reply but your comment was so inspiring and so important, Keith. Thank you!

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Erika, thanks. My company had about 2000 people in the WTCs and just shy of 300 died. Those in the second tower were all able to get out. You just never know. Keith

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Bless you for this confirmation, Erika. I’ve been going through such a tough patch in life that it effected my stomach and GI tract. The stress of what I was experiencing was just that much. I’ve been “told” that doors are being opened NOW and not only that, I’ve “graduated”. All I can tell you however, I’m tired. Thank you so much for this post. (((HUGS)))!!! xo

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I couldn’t ne more happy and thankful to hear that this post was just on time. Many wrote that and I realzied quickly that the accidentally wrong schedule was completely right😊 Blessings, Amy 💖

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