You Only Need To Believe!

We all have dreams. Even those people who say they had put their dreams at rest. That they still think of them confirms that their dreams are still alive. It happens that life shatters some specific conditions to realize a particular dream or expectation about the future. But only because this one of them cannot come true doesn’t mean we need to throw the whole dream box into the garbage. Sometimes we need to take detours, not knowing where they lead and why they have to be taken. However, no path walked is in vain. Sometimes the greatest dream lies in a sideway.

The only important thing is that we don’t give up believing. Believing that the greatest blessing is still ahead. The tougher the road, the greater the blessing or the insight about a lesson. The tougher the road, the more life-changing is the destination experienced.

We need to keep believing, believing in ourselves, in a greater context that organizes the conditions, encounters, developments. The solving or realization of something always causes ripples that affect more people or situations we may consider. Those ripples are already created in the first moment we walk towards something. The process of creation begins with the first thought. To direct the creative energy constructively TO the fulfillment we need to keep up the energy OF the fulfillment. That’s why doubts can make a progress stagnate or even erase the first tender sprouts.

The moment I doubt, I fall out of the energy of my desired outcome. Instead, I align with the opposite. Remember: for the universe everything is possible. It doesn’t matter whether you envision a cup of coffee or a castle. You send out your order, and the universe will respond by connecting you with the same energy. Envision wisely! Don’t forget, since everything is possible for the universe, it does not understand the word “no”. Whatever you wish for, create a positive sentence about it. Imagine a straight line from you to what you want to be or have. Generate that feeling as if you already had what you want. Be in the energy of the wish fulfilled. You are aligning with what you want, and the universe cannot act any different than sending you everything that matches your vibration.

It is not something you are granted with because YOU are worthwhile – we all are worthwhile – it is a universal law. It is a nice attitude to be humble, but in this case, it is your right to use the power of your being – of your true self – to create a life within your life. If you deny it, fear it, don’t accept it, you are oppressing the purest, and most powerful part of your being: The ability of creation. But you are creating constantly anyway when even unconsciously. You are creating in every single moment. Whatever you believe in is what you will experience. The universe acts like a boomerang. That is proof that how we experience the world is a mirror of how we encounter the world. So, be aware of sending out noble, loving, grateful vibes that are not only blessing you but everyone. You are a divine creation, and you have the DNA of your creator. Make use of the heritage and show your gratitude and awareness that way… and believe!

I believe that my dreams will come true, no matter how big or small they may seem.
I believe that beautiful things are waiting for me, no matter how the circumstances may appear right now.
I believe that life has a guiding purpose for supporting our development and never means to punish or plague.
I believe that I am loved, guided, and taken care of.
I believe that I was created for a higher purpose.
And I refuse to believe anyone who tries to shatter my belief.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


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Exactly, Gary. And sometimes we need to look at the little dreams, realize them and see how the lead us to the bigger ones!
It means a lot to me that you think it was inspiring 😊

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