What’s Your First Thought?

The human mind is as complex as primitive. We can think something into bits and pieces and talk ourselves into desperation and rage. The same thing happens the other way around. Maybe that goes into the debate of being an optimist or a pessimist. However, the first thought says more about yourself than how you see yourself. What you notice is not a thought but the emotion caused by a thought. We have a comprehensive computer installed that saves each and every piece of information in its data storage. The more unconscious the information slips into the system, the more likely it is put somewhere that fits similar information.Your thoughts cause how you feel about those happenings, created from former experiences. So, if you want to change your experiences and reflexive emotions, you need to change the way you think.

When I began to change my inner construct, I did by observing myself in any situation. I watched everything in the situation, the persons involved, their actions, and my reflexive emotions. Sometimes if I only heard the name of a person, my stomach already cramped. I felt like a prisoner in myself, and I wanted to get rid of emotions that kept me from being who I wanted to be or turned into someone I did not want to be. So, I observed myself for a few days. Then I picked two to three issues I wanted to solve first.

The next step was to keep observing myself when a similar situation appeared. I paused for a moment before I reacted. Then I checked on the responsible thought and simply exchanged it for one that made me feel how I wanted. An example from my life: Wednesday afternoon, the kids were off from school, and at times all three had different activities spread all over the afternoon. Sometimes the times even overlapped from dropping one to picking up another one. Already in the morning, I began to feel stressed because of a hectic afternoon. Driving around all afternoon was lost time for me. I got very impatient and aggressive and put my stress on my kids. So, when I felt that stress coming up, I stepped back and simply thought: “Dedicate this afternoon to your children’s activities with which they have fun. All is well planned, and you only need to take one step at a time.” In making myself aware that I did it for them to make them enjoy their afternoon, my attitude changed. I did not see myself being the center of the happening anymore. It needed a lot of discipline and effort to strictly observe and reprogram my thought system. And you know what? After only two weeks, the reflexive negative and stress-causing thoughts got eliminated. All of them knew in advance that I could be late which removed more pressure. I relaxed and even began to enjoy it myself, took a book along to read when I had to wait, and played music in the car we all enjoyed. I knew that all I had to do was drive. A weekly black spot for all of us turned into a fun time – only because I changed a thought.

Do I have eliminated all the negative emotions in my life? As you can imagine: Not at all! But those that do bother me are instantly under supervision. Meanwhile, it is easier to reprogram my system… out of my experience.

An event causes a thought
A thought creates an emotion
An emotion creates a reaction
Your reaction causes your experience
Your experience of an event becomes part of your thought pattern

Your emotions are your compass and reveal how you really think. Sometimes we only take ourselves too serious (remember rule number 9?). Some believe the world revolves around themselves and everything they do. Often only observing ourselves already helps to see how we really are. Maybe this humble affirmation helps too:

I am the messenger, not the message.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Loved this as you can imagine Erika… I have been longing to get along and read your thoughts here my friend..
And I am never ever disappointed… And that is all it takes… Just a moment to step back and take a different approach, a different thought on how you navigate and interact within your day and instead of your stress, you see how smooth it can be changed just by how we perceive and use our time..
Loved the recall of the school run… 🙂

We seldom see it is WE who put the pressure upon ourselves by often worrying over the little stuff in life as we make everything a big issue…
Once you had calmed and collected your way of thinking that vibration also passed itself along to your children too.. So all felt more at ease and at peace within that space of time…

Great reminders Erika…. and yes as you said, we all get those niggling thoughts, but once we are aware of them we can put them in perspective and change our intentions as we focus or NOT upon them..
Learning to discern ‘ What we Think, is what we Create’ and knowing how manifesting works is my intention and our focus…

Sending you loads of love dearest Erika, Have a Magical and WONDERFUL Christmas,… And May 2023 bring peace, unity and harmony to all hearts near and far, so that we can evolve into our New Earth, in which Love and Light we know exists in many hearts can raise many more hearts clouded in shadow into the Light..
Much love and Gratitude for all that you share.
Love Sue ❤ ❤ ❤

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Oh, yes, I can imaginge that well, dear Sue.
Indeed, as long as we don’t realize that it is the person themselves and not the circumstances, we can make a change happen – and only then. We have so much more power than we think and I dare to claim that, although we are so aware of it, there is still so much more to reveal than we are aware of. A never ending discovery and I love being led through this adventure.

Thank you so much, Sue. May 2023 bring that change we all long for, may awareness and love be our guiding force to let this change happen. May we all break our shells to let our own light lead us into this New Earth. Thank you for being one of those lights, dear Sue. Take care and sending you a huge hug 🤗💖


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