The Curse of Resistance

When I read this quote lately, a thousand light bulbs got turned on. I know it is not the first time I am touching this subject. But its appearance and the chord it strikes made clear that this is something meant to talk about.

Haven’t we all experienced situations or people we would like to hide? Also, tasks in your job or private life that you absolutely don’t like and feel pressured by can make you try to push them away mentally. “I will ignore it, maybe it goes away”. It doesn’t but only grows bigger. There are things you cannot avoid. The more you try to back out, the more burdening it is and the more it keeps accompanying you. It can become a real pain in the neck, haunting you, and already today, you are afraid of the chance that you may have to face it again tomorrow. But…

The situation is only a hint that there is resistance in you that causes suffering. So we need those situations as a mirror of our inner concept and not as another wall we build in ourselves. When we understand that the outside world gives us the necessary inputs, we take them as signposts. That way, we distance ourselves from the identification with any situation while we look into ourselves to find the rusty nail that blocks our inner gear wheel. Also, we stop judging those who appear to us have caused them. Because then we are completely aware that the reason for our problem with the situation lies in us.

Imagine, if you don’t develop any resistance against something, how can you ever have a problem with it? I don’t mean you need to accept everything that happens to you. But there is a difference between resisting a situation and taking it as part of your development process. That is the difference between resigning and solution-oriented thinking. Don’t try to push a problem away, but approach it openly, look at it and think about how to solve it. The fascinating thing is that the problem is then no longer a problem at all but just a task that needs to be dealt with.

That’s how we should actually view our lives. It is not easy and needs some patience and a will to reprogram this inner attitude. Because resistance is a reflex resulting from an inner blockade. That, in turn, arose from self-protection, perhaps because we were overwhelmed with something in the past. As soon as we tear down the wall between us and the “issue” we generally open up to life. Today is today
and only that counts.

Resistance is so much more exhausting than dedication.
Let’s end our suffering by cutting the chord of resistance.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Such an interesting read, Erika, as I immediately thought of all those bloggers who tried (and some who still are) to block out using the Block editor. Sadly, some gave in to what they thought was a problem and left the blogging world, while others continue to block (no pun intended) it out in the hope it will go away.

I saw the block editor as a big problem when I first encountered it, but I’m thankful I never allowed that problem to persist, and I’ve become a much better blogger for using it.

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That’s a very good example since probably all of us here can realte to it. It is sad that some rather quit blogging of kept up the arduous way. I have to admit, I don’t like changes very much but if they happen you need to find a way to adjust. Otherwise the resistance is fight agains windmills.
Thank you for adding this example, Hugh!


It is indeed a long slow, repeating process, but those are the lessons that ask us to keep trying something different. Until its truth is found inside us we ever avoid it, the easy way out, until its constant pain shows that refusal IS the cause and make us realize it is in facing it that begins to break down the wall inside us, not ‘out there’. A great post Erika, and well said. May our journey build and tune that love within us. Oh, and I love the Henry Ford quote, that is brilliant 😀❤️🙏🏽

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Thank you for your comment, Mark. As always you find such profound words. I experience it repeatedly that I have not even noticed that I resisted until the pressure became to big and made me see that the only way out is letting go, letting it happen, letting it flow. But as Ritu said, it does depende on what we want from life. Sometimes resistance can save us.

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That it does Erika, its like having to experience sadness to really appreciate happiness when it comes along. Resistance is the same, we must experience its negativity, feel its pain to know one side so that when we finally ‘let go’ and face it, we will begin to understand and appreciate knowing our truth, seeing that this way is such a profound and beautiful love for ourselves by standing in that truth and become something so lovingly different. And finally feeling the positive flow that love is by those actions 😀❤️🙏🏽

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Well said, Mark. When we resist the we experience the pressure of duality multiple times until we learn. And accepting is nothing else but letting love take over, isn’t it? Much love to you, Mark 🙏

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You say it, Sister. It is not necessarily something negative but can also keep us on our path. As you said, it depends on where it supports or limits. Thank you for this important hint.


You say something important here. It is about that first reaction. We can barely do something about it. But if we consciously start observing ourselves and our reactions we can at least change our mind and practice a different reaction until it becomes a new natural reaction.
Thank you for that comment, Sylvester.

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Our initial reaction can set the tone for the next steps that we take. Like you said if we can consciously observe our reactions then it becomes a totally different story. You’re welcome and thank you for another “food for thought” post.

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