Focus on the Now

I think I’ve read each one of Tolle’s books on the “Power of Now”, and they’ve had a big part in my inner development. Many things seeped into deeper levels and became a part of me. But some things reached levels that obscured these tools for me in everyday life. All the more, this quote has awakened me again. A lot can be said about it. But here I go with something essential that came to mind after reading the quote.

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The Curse of Resistance

When I read this quote lately, a thousand light bulbs got turned on. I know it is not the first time I am touching this subject. But its appearance and the chord it strikes made clear that this is something meant to talk about.

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Enjoy Now!

Why is it that so many people have problems enjoying the moment they longed for only because that moment is determined to expire? I remember a homeopath I went to many years ago. It was the beginning of June, and summer unfolded its warmth and light as we love it. The weather was gorgeous that day. When I sat with her, I mentioned how much I enjoyed the season and how wonderful that it only began. With a frustrated face, she said: “And it is over so quickly.”

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Allowing the Strength of Being Weak

For today I decided to pick a card from Dennis Linn’s Gateway Oracle Cards. I love those cards since they are like nailing messages to show the way out of a maze. The card I picked is “Accepting What Is”:

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You’ve Got Me All Wrong 4 – There Is No Such Thing as Space and Time


A few weeks ago I picked up one of Walsch’s books and began to read the first pages. After I read the short list of the 25 core messages to explain the main message (in the title) I stopped reading. It was so inspiring and I my mind started spinning. Before I am reading on I want to share the flow of pictures and thoughts of some of those core messages which immediately filled me. Most of those core messages won’t appear new since we are talking about them over and over again. We all share them with our own words. Isn’t that an amazing proof that we are fully aware of God’s message? If you would like to read the previous parts, you can check out here part 1, part 2, and part 3. Read more ›

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