What Tone Is Your Choice?

The situation on the planet becomes crazier and scarier with every passing day. I understand that it is not easy to stay positive and look beyond what happens around us. We can easily get lost in the turmoil of climate change, increasing violence, and a war that threatens all of us.

However, staying positive is the only way to not make things worse for oneself and not fuel already delicate circumstances. That actually counts for every situation someone is going through. But these days, it is even more important that many, everyone counts, maintain a ray of guiding light. I don’t mean to ignore what happens but see it as a task we must fulfill while walking toward the desired future. Of course, we got to deal with the consequences of our thoughtlessness of the past and with the egomaniac actions of leaders who misunderstand their function but only want to beat their own visions through with little or no respect for anyone. We need to look past it. Only when we focus on what we want do we find ways to get there. I mean this both in particular and in general. Yes, terrible things do happen, but the more we accept this reality, the more power we give it.

It’s like plucking a guitar string. We have a whole palette of possible tones. It just depends on which part of the string we pluck. Plucking the string creates a vibration that is transmitted in the form of a tone. This tone will meet with resonance. I only need to know what tone I want to carry into the world. No matter what happens around me, the tone I pluck will remain the same. Now, the more tones vibrate similarly or the same, the stronger the vibration becomes. We have to ask ourselves if we want to carry the vibration of what we see with our physical eyes or with the eyes of our hearts.

You are an instrument.
What tone do you play?
What’s your vibration?

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


This is such a great post Erika you express it very well! There is a great vibrational change happening right now. More people are awakening! It is very important to stay centered and in tune with the vibration of our heart, following his tune helps us to feel and know the truth within us, using discernment in any situation to stay strong and follow our path. This is a chaotic time we have to stay in alignment with our own frequency and vibration, yes we need to know what is happening around us but we need to use discernment and stay united. This is the time for us to know and remember who we really are. Everything is shifting, our consciousness, our planet it is not a coincidence that we are here on Earth at this time. We are very powerful. We can change reality with our thoughts through our vibrations and frequency that each of us emit. Our thoughts and feelings all have frequency, just like sound and light. We need to stay positive keeping our vibration high with love, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, meditation and shining our light in every moment. Much love and light to you Erika and to all.

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There is so much soul wisdom talking from you, dear Carolina. Indeed, we need to stay centered yet attentive and awake to go with the shifts and do our part for a big healing: for planet and people.
Keep sharing your loving vibration, Carolina. You radiate it constantly by sending them out in your beautiful art work πŸ’–

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This is brilliant Erika, and shows such an understanding of what unconditional love is indeed. To resonate to all around us is a wonderful teacher and allows us to change to suit so much. And each and every string we touch tells us yes or no to how it feels.
It takes a while to ‘feel’ enough to start our song until in time we become that presence we have created. A few notes will hang on but as we hear other notes we will realize we were holding onto what no longer suited who we were and change accordingly. We really are writing a song, I can feel your understanding so deeply in this.
A great post my friend, it so ‘resonates’ with me and no doubt many others to its truth. Thank you for helping us tune our song within and become more balanced inside…that will give birth to something wonderful β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

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And sometimes we are playing a tone too long until we cannot hear it anymore. An earworm we need to replace. But often it needs some pressure until we jump.

Thank you, dear Mark. I feel the vibration that already heals. Good to have you here, dear friend πŸ™

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This lovely planet and all that it is, is a vibration like nothing else. We are learning to find that resonance and find that perfect balance inside us. And thank you for being here with your song Erika, another note to share πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

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A wonderful post to start this week. Everything is energy and vibrates to a frequency. When we can align with the higher frequency, our lives immediately become more awesome. Love the poem! Happy Monday!

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Such a beautiful analogy of the Guitar string and vibrational frequency Erika…
So true, we see many ‘Tones’ some of lower frequency than others, but each resonating to create their own particular vibration.
Each resonating at their particular level ..

Many on the planet right now are being shaken to choose which tone of vibration they are in tune with. Some are choosing another String on the Guitar altogether as they no longer resonate within that tone… So they are choosing to re-locate, change career paths, perhaps, or see how the vibration they were in, has not served them well. So they are detoxing, the toxins out of their system, as they let go of old patterns, old pieces of music, that no longer serves. They are standing up for Truth and Changes to the system of the old vibration.

While at the same time, we see others reluctant to let go of their familiar instruments that have gone out of tune, they have become deaf to the noise it makes, they are addicted to the familiar, they are full of fear, they do not wish to learn a new instrument or learn a new tune, so they keep playing the same old notes, not seeing that it is causing others to screw up their eyes and cover their ears to the discordant notes they repeat over and over again.

We are at that stage Erika where by we the Orchestra is each tuning our instruments, What a chaotic noise that is….
Only when the orchestra unites in its common goal of creating harmony will we see and feel, and hear, more harmonious sounds resonating and reverberating around our planet…

We have to choose Unity… Not Sides…. and it seems to me no one in our Governing bodies are seeking peaceful solutions, we have to ask ourselves why that is…
But that is a subject for another discussion…

All we can do as individuals looking in, is choose our best instrument, our best of intentions, that is filled with harmony and love, as we play our own parts within this orchestra of life, as we add our own vibrational tone to the mix…

Love and Light…..

Much love dearest Erika… a profound post my dear friend… ❀ ❀ ❀
Thank you x

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That’s also a fantastic analogy with changing strings. We change and developed and therefore we need to change the direction too (the string) to fit ourselves. Many adapt to circumstances rather than seeing that they themselves have changed rather than the circumstances, necessitating a dramatic change in their lives. Thank God, that string is a change that happens inside. Regardless of the raging storm outside, the string can be changed to keep the vibration high, in case the former string got broken.
And you made a good point here. Yes, we all just play, the louder the better – we think. No harmony, just noise. We need to let our hearts tune our frequency and instantly we all will vibrate in harmony, while everyone still plays their own tone. What a wonderful world this will be…
So, many understand this and vibrate in that harmonious sound. Even more important to keep it up and invite more to join in until no one is left outside.

Thank you from my heart for the wonderful thoughts you shared so generously. It is always a gift to read your words and a blessing that makes its ripples in the hearts of those who read them. Thank you so much, dear Sue πŸ’–

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Always the tone of love first. Great post and thoughts, Erika. We cannot control the chaos that is happening around the world, we can be concerned but not to the degree that it throws us into a downward spiral. As you said, our tone we choose doesn’t change and we have to keep bringing light into this world on a daily basis.

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Yes, exactly! Compassion and concern don’t mean that we fall into desperation at the same time because that would only fuel the chaos. A heart full of love is not ignorant but a heart that knows how the universal laws work and that only love can create love. Thank you very much, keep vibrating the way you do, Sylvester!

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Definitely, compassion doesn’t make us weak, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t show any concern about what’s happening around the world. You’re right, love should be at the center of it all and all should develop from love (a nice thought). You’re very welcome always and you continue to vibrate the way you do as well!

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