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Today is the last holiday of the past Christmas season (Epiphany). Traditionally, it is the last day of the school break, and many companies over here are closed until this day due to the many holidays and weekends between Christmas Eve and January 6th. It is also the day when many remove their Christmas decorations and Christmas trees.

I was basically off too, when even (as a member of the management) I dropped in from time to time to check on my emails and to prepare some reports. Of course, I worked at my therapy practice too (got my annual tax report done, produced items for my shop, finally continued working on my book, and prepared my first meditation events for this month – in case I can hold them due to the Corona situation).

However, tomorow has me back at both of my jobs. Since I don’t like half-measures, and also, I want to get the engine started peacefully, I’ll start my regular posts next Monday. Looking forward to having you over again, soon! Take care!

In Love and Light

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