Trip to Boston – with heavy rain and chance on tornados!

Boston was the last stop of our vacation. When we left Buffalo that day severe weather conditions reached the northern east coast of the US. I took the first turn of driving. During the first two hours I had a hard time to make it through the heavy continuous rainfall. At times I thought to just pull over and wait till the worst is over. Sometimes I couldn’t see anything.  Anyway, after two hours the rain got lighter and a littler later it even stopped at times. When we arrived at Albany the worst rainfall was over and my husband grabbed the steering wheel. Up to 50 miles before Boston we had a good ride and even sun in some areas. But then it got dark again – really dark!


And all of a sudden the radio program was interrupted and we got a tornado warning. My daughter also got it on her iPhone.IMG-20140731-WA0013

I never was confronted with a tornado and I was scared to death. To top it all the traffic got slower! Oh well, I was really scared. And guess what: My kids and also my husband did not only take it easy, they made jokes of me. The more jokes they made the more I was scared. And the more I was scared the more jokes they made! I was sweating blood until we finally reached the sun again! Here you can see some photos my daughter made while we were driving!


I don’t know what you think about it, but to me it still is a scary scenery!

Anyway! Soon after we arrived in Boston. We had great and hot weather! What I think is amazing about Boston, is the combination of old and new, historic and modern side by side! Boston is the cleanest city in the USA I know by today! Everything is perfectly fostered and the historic buildings are shining like new! Impressive!

If you want to see all the historic places and buildings there is an easy way how you can’t miss them. Just follow the freedom trail! That’s a read line leading around the historic part of Boston and to all the interesting places! There are also hop-on/hop-off sightseeing buses to explore the city!

I really love Boston. Unfortunately we had only one day and we only did the freedom trail, but also the harbor and the big New England Aquarium. Don’t miss that – it is great, even for adults! When I come back again I have to check more about the new Boston as well or going on a trip with the “Duck Tours”. This must be funny. When you go by “Duck Tours” you are sitting in an amphibian vehicle. You are driving through the streets as well as on the river! So cool!

Wanna goe shopping? Here are two great malls: The Cambridge Side Galleria and the Shops at Prudential Center!

Now enjoy the photos of a town you must have been to once in your life!


Here the Boston Tea Party began with the first speeches!IMG_4210


The Freedom Trail20140729_105526


I hope you enjoyed the journey!

In Love and Light!

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Oh wow I love these so much! I can imagine it was scary for you since you are not used to tornadoes. They are always scary I respect the weather for sure! Especially when I see these clouds. I love all your wonderful photos! They are beautiful! Beautiful city! What a wonderful vacation. I’m happy it turned out to be a lovely day! ❤

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This is your home town? Wow, so cool! I really love Boston. To me it is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been by today! We’ve been there before 15 years ago. And it looks like there were no major changes. Beautiful! I definitely enjoyed our visit and I hope to be back one day!


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