Forever And Ever

As long as every spring
the birds do sing their song
As long as roses bloom
Under the summer sun

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#Haiku – Heavenly

Yin and Yang in love
A rock solid bond of souls
Divine connection

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

In Love and Light


Two for One

How can a touch suffice
How can a life be enough
How can words say it all
When a heart’s full of love

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Love’s Plan

Can it be that love has been
Around me all the time?

That what I searched for in my dreams
Has already been mine?

Can this be the reason that
Love at first sight is true?
Because the first time that we met
I knew that it is you

How long before I held your hand
And looked into your eyes
Have we decided that we’ll share
The greatest gift in life?

Although the search was long and hard
The dream that finally came true
Felt like the biggest miracle
That love can have for two

In Love and Light



A single moment during the day
Can chase the darkest cloud away

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Natur, Tierwelt, Weißer Bengal Tiger, Tiger, Raubtier

The Voice Of Love


After a day full of hectic and stress

When life’s business calms down

My mind is getting silent

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Witnessing True Love


When love is true you need no proof

No thinking about reason

The heart knows long before the mind

Love definitely has no season


Love is like water, finds its way

Into each tiny crack

The smallest spark a huge barn fire

When even you did not expect


It happens when the moment’s right

When the conditions fit

When even she needs longer to

Find out she’s in love’s grip.


When love is true the other one

Won’t stop until he can

Make her believe that she’s his dream

And he her perfect man


A love so true that further thoughts

Of convictions are falling

A whole new world has opened up

Shown by a sun constantly dawning


When vows are not romantic lines

but touch everyone’s souls

Then you witnessed that kind of love

That makes two people whole


True love does never need a proof

True love is a condition

Caused by merging vibes of both

With different colors but one vision


Inspired by the true love which sparkles through, between, and from my daughter and her husband.

In Love and Light


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Always and Forever


Eyes closed

Embraced in a romantic dance

To a melody we share

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Ähnliches Foto

Deep Inside


Inside your eyes, I’m growing wings

I am flying through water gates

Exploring a new universe

Where the sun’s bright and never sets


Inside your arms, my heart expands

Regaining a new power

It fills myself with all I need

I’m blooming like a flower


Inside your heart, I have my place

To rest when life gets rough

You tug me in and sing our song

My refuge is your love


Inside your love, I can be me

No need for explanations

You see me far beneath my surface

I’m not fearing interpretations


Whenever I’m thinking of you

All-time, this is with me

I lay my hand right on my heart

There’s where you’ll always be


Credits: http://xochu-vse-znat.ru

In Love and Light



And Now There’s You


For years I waited for someone

To share my heart and soul

To feel the love, I have to give,

Will make that someone whole Read more ›

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