#Haiku – Eternal Moments

time loses power
when memories fill the heart
love lasts forever

In Love and Light


My Heart’s Treasure Box

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Taste of Love

When life slows down
There is more time for dreaming

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We Don’t Miss What We Never Knew


Before we had smartphones we have not missed them. But today, the phone breaking down can cause big issues in our daily lives. I wrote my first email in 2006. Many asked me how I could live without the internet. I said, how can I miss something which has never been part of my life? But once I had started emailing and using the internet, it comes close to a catastrophe when my laptop dies or the internet gets interrupted. When my sister went for her style coach degree, she interviewed people. One question was about the color yellow and what if it would not be part of our lives. One answer was: We wouldn’t care, because we wouldn’t even know it.

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A single moment during the day
Can chase the darkest cloud away

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#RomanticTuesday Song

Cheers to all those who made us collect all the beautiful and treasured memories we hold in our hearts. What we experienced can not be taken away anymore. Although it may be memories now, at least we had it! Cheers!

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Daily Kind Quote

Create your memories in awareness

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In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

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When Thoughts Get Wings


The days are getting longer

Now when I drive back home

I often see the sunset

But look at it alone


Whenever the sun’s setting

My thoughts wander to you

To hours of embracing

Of saying “I love you”


Within the fading sun

I see us holding hands

Or looking at each other

With feet dug in the sand


I think of sweet deep talks

Which tighten our bond

Our kisses and our vows

Take us somewhere beyond


Now standing here and see

The slowly setting sun

I miss you so much more

But know, our time will come


In Love and Light

I See You

I See You


Wherever I look

I see you

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