Thought Pattern – The Art Of Detachment

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Recently, I talked to a neighbor, and she told me about her little daughter being diagnosed with diabetes. She said that she is working on solely thinking of her daughter as healthy, avoiding any negative thoughts, and believing that all will be well again while this is only a temporary condition. It reminded me of a post I published more than four years ago:

Your life is going well. You are not bothering too much with tasks of occasional challenges. You are easy-going that makes you face any task just as something that needs to be done. You are not in need to keep yourself positive because you simply are.

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The Art Of Not Taking Things Personally

A few weeks ago, I saw this quote on Carol Anne’s blog. It came at just the right time. I was questioning my emotional reaction to other people’s actions. I thought I was more detached already due to the awareness regarding the quote above. But life showed me that I still have certain expectations I have not worked out yet.

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