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In case you are one of my followers who kindly reblog my posts, you may notice that there is no reblog button anymore. A few weeks ago, Hugh of Hugh’s Views & News published a post about why he removed the button. Please read his post to receive the complete message. Hugh is a great supporter here on WordPress with his blogging tips.

One of the reasons for my decision is one of Hugh’s hints in our discussion: “…SEOs such as Google rank the blog they are reblogging lower. SEOs dislike duplicated content... SEOs dislike duplicated information of any kind, Erika. They also dislike duplicated blog post titles and will rank blogs lower. That’s why I always change the heading of a post I share.”

Since I want to reach as many people as possible to share inspiration, spread awareness, and hopefully make someone out there smile a bit more. If the range becomes limited only because my posts get reblogged then I waive it. But still, I do appreciate it a lot when my posts get shared. So, if you want to share my posts on WordPress you can still do that via Press This or by giving me a pingback in your post.

Again, a big thank you to Hugh for his support.

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


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I reblog ( if I am particularly impressed ) to give the post of of another blogger more exposure. I have b my ever really been concerned with ratings. A drawback is filling one’s media with images from other blogs others Im extremely glad to be reblogged and consider it a good deed.

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Thank you for your input, Holly. I rarely reblogged but I liked it too. The problem is that reblogging already downloads all images of the post you reblogged whith all its legal consequences. I also appreciate it a lot when my posts are shared. But since I see that often, my posts only end up in “blogging farms”, it loses meaning. So, having them shared over “Press this” or when a new post, is opened with some few words of introduction plus the link that may take three minutes more but it really shows that the one who shares the link does definitely think that a post is worth sharing.
I don’t think I will get the whole information about this all, since I don’t have the time for researches. That’s why I am thankful for hints and inputs. Again, thank you for yours, Holly 💖


Whatever the reason behind. When you reblog you automatically reblog all content, which means, all images too. On one hand you get an overload of data on your blog plus you risk to get fined because of copyrighted images.


Thanks for linking to my recent blog post about why I removed the reblog button from my blog, Erika.

I should add that another big pitfall about reblogging is that any images and photos from the post being reblogged are downloaded to the media library of the blogger doing the reblog, thus making them liable for any copyright issues. I’ve highlighted some bloggers on my blog who shared stories of being fined after reblogging because images on the post were copyrighted. It’s another reason why reblogging should be avoided.

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Yes, that is one of the things bloggers necessarily need to to consider when the “reblog”. You pointed that out very detailed in your post too. It is a threat lingering in the background.
I only reblogged a few times during my blogging career but won’t do it anymore after I got aware of this all. I rather make a separate post and leave the link.
So, thanks again for your important inputs, Hugh.


Thank you, Tony. Yes, blogging is definitely different. In the past some of my posts got reblogged from blogs that simply reblogged everything. But the purpose of blogging is basically about sharing your own content. So, Tumblr seems similar to Twitter. Also there is a lot about sharing others’ content, which meets the purpose of that platform.


YES! 100%!! This is exactly what I (presently) do @ wants.blog (and also most of my other blogs, too 😉 ).

Comments are not dead — long live the pingback! 😀

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Hi Erika 🙂

I have different issues with the way “reblog” works (or worked?) when I use(d) it.

e.g. I had no control over posts I wanted to highlight if the OP deleted them.

That the GOOG don’t like dupe crap is false — they LOVE it IFF (“if and only if”) they can make a buck on it — like e.g. all the mainstream bullshit their ads show up on (newspapers and other “media” sites regularly run the EXACT SAME story over and over in each and every local edition of their platform (or whatever you want to call all the NBC or similar brand names).

If you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to add — I would agree, why simply duplicate what someone else has already said. Yet OTOH if you can add your own perspective, then 100%: express it!

🙂 Norbert

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Your reply only confirmed my decision to remove the button. Thank you very much for your statement and explanations here. You are right, reblogging only supports the floodding of advertisements.

I like your last paragraph, if you like the content, add your thoughts why and share. This doesn’t need the reblog button. Make a post and add some words with a pingback. Then you know if the content was really so interesting or only a habit to fill one’s blog effortlessly with posts.
Thank you very much, Norbert!

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I don’t know how this is working, but I have to admit that I don’t want to have my posts ended up in blogging farms either. I don’t know if it is possible to reblog something as someone elses content. But if it works that truly is worrysome! So, either way, I won’t miss that button.


I made the same experience like you a while ago. For some reasons some (not all) people couldn’t see it, but when I checked it was visible. Those issues with the reblog button seem to occur from time to time.

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