Zazzle Update

Thanks to a few days to work on my Zazzle Store, I have been designing some new items and reviewed my already existing products and collections. I am happy to present a few of my new creations and I invite you to browse through my shop. Enjoy!

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Daily Kind Inspirations


I checked out the phone cases Zazzle has to offer. There is a wide range of cases for iPhones and Samsung phones and also for iPads and notepads. They also have wallet cases but unfortunately not for Samsung yet. Read more ›

Daily Kind Inspirations

20170417_134543.jpgToday I want to present a special kind of coaster from my Buddha Line Read more ›

Daily Kind Inspirations


When life tries to stop you… keep moving!

I am ready for summer or my next visit in California with these flip-flops. Thank God the weather improved over here and I can already use them in my garden. Read more ›

Daily Kind Inspirations


Today I want to present an example for the fantastic LED candles. Zazzle offers three different sizes. I like this one most ( 3″ x 4″). It is made of real wax. Inside you have that light which is flickering. Many of my clients thought it was a real flame. Read more ›

Daily Kind Inspirations


Today I present a mug from my Zazzle Store. It is my favorite one because it truly is the message of Daily Inspiration. Read more ›

Daily Kind Inspirations


A while back I ordered some of the items I sell on my Zazzle Store. Meanwhile, all of them arrived and I would like to present them to you one at a time.  Read more ›

Daily Kind Inspirations

News From My Zazzle Store:


I did not get to my store as much as I had loved to in the past two weeks. But still, another theme made it into my virtual shelves. You can check out all of the products of this theme in my collection Be YouHere are some examples. I hope you like them: Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Know who you are.JPG


Visit my Zazzle Store for more inspiration and check out The Buddha Line!

In Love and Light

Day 27 #Loveuary ❤ To Be Loved


My blog sister, Ritu, of But I Smile Anyway has a beautiful challenge going through this Valentine month. You find more information here!

When I saw the title of today’s prompt one of my quotes just came to my mind:  Read more ›

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