A Little Bit About My Life

All of you, who have been following me for a while, know that this blog is not about me, but about the person who visits it. The origin of this blog is my book “I’m Free”. That was even the starting point of my social media presence in general. So my breakthrough experience wrapped in a book led me here. You can read about it here if you like and on my about page. I’m happy to have this blog as a platform to spread inspiration and hopefully some awareness as much as I can. Visitors to my blog are not interested in what I did or did not have for breakfast or how often my tortoise burps. Neither do I feel the need to know every small detail about other people’s private lives. Social media is flooded with this kind of stuff already anyway. So, I won’t ever bother you with that kind of information – promised! Still, I thought it was time to share a little bit about my life aside from blogging.

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Love For My Hometown

Sending love to my hometown
To counter the shock with strength
For a strong cohesion
That the Viennese spirit displaces bitterness

For the vicitims
Sending love to my hometown

In Love and Light

Vienna – Danube Park

Our first day was really beautiful and the weather was gorgeous! My sister’s new house is located at the edge of Danube Park. In that park is one of the famous landmarks of Vienna: The Danube Tower

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