Friday Song


I thought I’d go with another song about new beginnings or changes due to the beginning of the New Year and my first week back blogging. Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! Read more ›

Song of the Day – Angels

Good Morning on this beautiful rainy Monday! Really, who cares about the weather…. there is so much more going on in life. The weather happens let’s not make us depending on something we cannot control anyway… OK, this is not meant as another motivational post. But that’s me….haha! You see, I am really good today.

For this week, I thought about giving my songs a theme. I had this idea last week when I posted the Eurythmics. I want to make this week an angel theme. That means angels in the title or in the lyrics. This might be the last week I post a daily song if I start my new job next Monday (I will know about that on Wednesday). So I dedicate this angel week to all of you, my WP angels! Read more ›

Song of the Day

The song I picked for this Tuesday is one I love since I was a 14-year-old teenager and danced with my first crush in the discotheque. This song always reminds me of that sweet and exciting feeling of butterflies fluttering vividly within my chest and the electricity running throughout my body while in tight embrace with my boyfriend. This song too is one of those I dreamed of being dedicated to me once or played during some romantic moments. I am sure you all love it! Read more ›

Song of the Day – Here I Am

I am back friends and I rush in with full power! Although this song would fit a Tidbit Tuesday it played in my head when I knew I was ready to conquer the world again. Read more ›

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