What’s Been My Part?

Often we are confronted with situations we may have had no control over or no influence that they happened the way they happened. At least that may be the first thought about it. I may go through life doing my thing the way I do it by being the person I am without bad intentions. Still, life may throw stones in my way. It is easy to fall into the victim mode like: “What can I do?” Consequently, I may ignore or accept what is but continue doing everything the way I always did because I am not considering my responsibility for the outcome. I have been able to follow the developments of the following examples for some time.

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#JustAThought … When They Leave The Nest

Many of you have already experienced it when a child moves out. I also experienced it six years ago for the first time. Now the next move-out is coming up these days. I think I can speak for most of you when I say that we are proud when our children take on the challenge and responsibility for their own lives and take the step into their own independent future.

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