Lately, I heard this song again on the radio, and it reminded me of a series I loved watching 25 to 30 years ago. So, enjoy a classic song from 1969.

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Song of the Day

Again a song about friendship today according to the last day of the 3 Day Quote Challenge.

We all connected because there is something we have in common, something that speaks to us untold. All your posts deliver something that is valuable for the rest of the community and so often you post something which another friend just needed to read. You are all awesome and you are all needed and important. Thank you for being here. Read more ›

Tidbit Song of the Day

As I mentioned last week I want to take the opportunity on Tuesdays to post love songs which speak to me in a special way. The teenage dream of a girl to get one of those songs dedicated to her. I hope you like that one too. Read more ›

Song of the Day

I had a completely different song in mind for today. But all of a sudden this one was spontaneously playing in my head. That made me change my mind. I am sure you like it. It is an all time classic. I choose a video with sunsets. Cannot get enough of them…. yes, helplessly romantic! Read more ›

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