Thank you, Robert!

The Swallowtail.jpg

Today, I received a touching Christmas email from one of our fellow bloggers. Robert Goldstein gifted me with this beautiful photo. Since I am following Robert I admire him for his photographs. Also, you all know how much I love butterflies. Can you imagine how delighted I have been with his thoughtfulness? I am really touched. Robert, I appreciate your kindness to think of me so much! Thank you!!

I wish you all a lovely rest of your days wherever in this world you are and a love-filled Christmas eve tomorrow!

In Love and Light


My Butterfly Buddy!

Today it finally isn’t raining anymore. I took the chance, hopped outside, and cut some withered rose petals. I took my phone along in order to take pictures of my first lilies. Unfortunately I missed the best time of their blossom. But they are still lovely. Read more ›

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