Time may pass and time may last
Still, nothing stays the same
Life is progress through its change
But one thing will remain

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Forever And Ever

As long as every spring
the birds do sing their song
As long as roses bloom
Under the summer sun

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Doubtlessly True

Clasped hands

Clasped hearts

Every day

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Everlasting Oneness


There’s something in my chest

A bright and golden light

It keeps me going strong

Its beat’s pulsating life


It warms me when I’m cold

It wipes away my tears

And when I lose my path

Chases away my fears


It wasn’t always there

First, it was in your chest

You put it in my hand

And asked: Build it a nest!


I did my best and searched

To find the perfect place

A heart so full of love

A gift of divine grace


I hoped you wouldn’t mind

And put it to my heart

Now it is safe and sound

And we’re never apart


In Love and Light

Romantic Tuesday

Love in growing perfection

The magic that our love’s about

Is not a just a desire

It’s deeper far beneath this world

And then again much higher


Its fire caused by the same fuel

Same energy and heat

But nurtured by each other’s being

Which makes it perfectly complete


We’re having the same dream and vision

Same virtues and belief

That’s why we feel home in each other

An isle of warmth and of relief


The love we share wants to share love

Which fuels again the flame

It’s burning higher every day

Our life’s never the same


Your amazing way of telling me

How much I touch your soul

Is touching my heart constantly

Our love’s so big, so whole


The words to find how much I love you

It’s impossible for me to say

You are my poem and I read you

Again and anew every single day.


I never will stop showing you

How much you mean to me

And neither will you, I know that

We are our fate, we’re meant to be


In Love and Light

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