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In Love and Light

Thought Gyroscope

Not only are the days of many of us already filled with obligations, ideas, plans, visions, jobs, and tasks to do. But there is even more that we absorb, even though it may not concern us in the first place. Injustice, war, diseases, tragedies, natural disasters can burden a lot more than we may think. Although the days may be well balanced and nothing has actually changed in daily routines, still, there can be a feeling of sudden overwhelm. The walls may appear closer than before. Simple tasks or even everyday things feel like a burden, whereas before you didn’t even think about it. Or maybe some discussions or statements throw you off track that you usually don’t even ignore.

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A Single Moment

A fireball, a shooting star
Tsunami of emotions
A crumbling wall, a clearing view
Deep feelings of devotion

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#Haiku – Today is not Tomorrow


Confusion clears off

Horizon in sight again

All is possible

In Love and Light

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