Many of you grew up with the Swedish Band ABBA. 32 years after the groups ended their collaboration, the members started working on new material again in 2018. This year the time has come and the first two comeback songs have been released. One I would like to share with you today. Still ABBA.

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Simply Awesome!


After I shared “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by Jared Halley, Colin, of MeAndRay, told me to check out Halley’s version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Really, I have no words for what talent and, at the same time, genius in coordination he is. The man has no instrument to rely on but hits every singly note precisely and is always on time with every instrument he “imitates”. Listen to that electric guitar. You would not believe there is a voice. 

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This song was actually supposed to appear in my next #HitsByYears week since it is from 1983. But it is one of those songs I love to remember. It was a big summer hit over here. Even though when I scheduled this post, there was nothing but rain, thunderstorms, and very cool temps, I do enjoy listening to it. It brings the summer feeling back. Just in case, Agnetha Fältskog is one of the ABBA ladies. Enjoy!

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Hits By Years – 1974

In 1974 one of the most famous bands had their breakthrough due to winning the European song contest. ABBA was pretty unknown at that time. It is even more interesting to watch the original video of their performance at the song contest from 1974 since we know how far they have come.

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Monday Song


Good morning and happy Monday, everybody. Today we go with some blast of the past to kick the week off. Have a great week! Read more ›

Thank You All!


This is the day of the year again when we all reflect. We look back to where we were and where we are today, to the things we wanted to accomplish and perhaps didn’t but also to those achievements we did not expect to develop or happen one year ago. But however, this year was surely filled with so many aspects that make life life: ups and downs, insights, endings and beginnings, success and … less successful results. But whatever happened throughout the year, it all made us more complete. Our development progressed and we are further and wiser than ever before!  Read more ›

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