Hits By Years – 1974

In 1974 one of the most famous bands had their breakthrough due to winning the European song contest. ABBA was pretty unknown at that time. It is even more interesting to watch the original video of their performance at the song contest from 1974 since we know how far they have come.

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Monday Song


Good morning and happy Monday, everybody. Today we go with some blast of the past to kick the week off. Have a great week! Read more ›

Thank You All!


This is the day of the year again when we all reflect. We look back to where we were and where we are today, to the things we wanted to accomplish and perhaps didn’t but also to those achievements we did not expect to develop or happen one year ago. But however, this year was surely filled with so many aspects that make life life: ups and downs, insights, endings and beginnings, success and … less successful results. But whatever happened throughout the year, it all made us more complete. Our development progressed and we are further and wiser than ever before!  Read more ›

Blogger Bash 2016

I know, I know…. I may be the last one posting about the Bash. But I just arrived back home. Thank God I did not have a lot of stuff to put back (what an amazing thing to travel only with hand luggage). But next time I hope I can squeeze in one more day to enjoy London itself too. Although it was my 5th time in that beautiful city I would not have minded to stay a bit lot longer! Read more ›

Song of the Day – ABBA Week

‘The last day of the most exciting theme week for me has come! To tell from all your comments during the past days you enjoyed it at least as much as I did. I hope you like what I put together for today. Some perhaps a bit more serious but all ABBA!  Read more ›

Song of the Day – ABBA Week

We are almost through with our ABBA week. Here are some more amazing songs. Although I know them all I was surprised that I almost forgot about some….. more tomorrow! Read more ›

Song of the Day – ABBA Week


Wednesday is community day for me, I always post a guest quote and that’s why I also post song suggestions of friends regarding the special weeks. The following ABBA songs made it into the post. Let’s get the party going! Read more ›

Song of the Day – ABBA Week

Romantic Tuesday and I was searching through the ABBA songs for a love song which maybe is not so well known…. and of course, I found one! I never heard that one before but it is absolutely beautiful! Let me know what you think! Read more ›

Song of the Day – ABBA Week

Welcome in this new week! I hope you all had a good weekend. I know who had: Congrats again to our new and proud grandma Lynn to her two twin grandkids!

But last weekend the Eurovision Song Contest took place. What a Saturday for me. First, I was singing at a wonderful wedding and when I arrived back home I could enjoy other people sing. After a chat with a friend, I decided to make this an ABBA week. Wikipedia says: Read more ›

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Hope you all my Mom’s are having a lovely day! The ones who don’t: Feel my embrace 💖

I am celebrating this day together with my mom and my sisters and later with my children. A wonderful day! I have it all!

Perhaps this song is quite melancholic but it reminds of treasuring the time I have and had with my children. Mother’s Day to me felt always more like celebrating my kids than me. Because they are the reason for Mother’s Day! Read more ›

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