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In Love and Light



The Power Of A Dream


Looking at the starlit sky

Humming our song

Sending waves of love your way

The connection feels so strong Read more ›

Me, Myself, and I


Often we step back and think about ourselves “I should not take this so serious”, “I need to stand up for myself” or “I would like to but…”, and much more. Lately, I started pondering about it. Who is that one talking to me? I am I but still, I am talking to someone. Isn’t it interesting that we can observe ourselves although we are ourselves? Is there something inside of me watching that “I” who goes through its everyday life? Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Love is not from but for this world

In Love and Light

24 Days of Grateful

Alexandra of AlexandraWriteNow  is doing a wonderful challenge from Dec. 1 – 24 and she calls it 24 Days of Grateful and it is about posting one thing a day I am grateful for.  Everybody feel free to join in!

Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Women nominated me for The 12 Days of Christmas challenge too. Although I cannot participate in that one too I try to give it justice by including it in my Grateful posts!

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Song of the Day

Yesterday I was out again and enjoyed a drink in a bar. Then this song was played wich I love to hear on the radio as well. When watching the video I knew  it truly was as song for me to post: night sky, universe, romance… Lovely….

Have a great weekend and steal the show wherever you can! Read more ›

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