There is rarely a photo that could trigger more joy in my heart than the one I am sharing below.

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A sunset orange, red and blue

We standing arm in arm

Time’s standing still for a while

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When Thoughts Get Wings


The days are getting longer

Now when I drive back home

I often see the sunset

But look at it alone


Whenever the sun’s setting

My thoughts wander to you

To hours of embracing

Of saying “I love you”


Within the fading sun

I see us holding hands

Or looking at each other

With feet dug in the sand


I think of sweet deep talks

Which tighten our bond

Our kisses and our vows

Take us somewhere beyond


Now standing here and see

The slowly setting sun

I miss you so much more

But know, our time will come


In Love and Light

Beautiful Memories!

Above the clouds so high

So much time to think back

Of beautiful times with lovely people

Of places I discovered new

Of friendship and heart warming hugs

Of smiles and sunshine

Of vows and gratitude

Of inspiration and love

Is that melancholy I feel?

Yes, sure, it’s there!

It tells me, it was good

And worthwhile to be repeated

In Love and L ight

Cloud Avalanche and Sunny Goodbyes

Yesterday on my way home I looked to the mountains and saw how spectacular the clouds seemed like rolling over them like an avalanche. I hurried home in order to take pictures before the whole magic was over. Read more ›

Different Evening Ambiences

Tonight: Sunset behind the mountains 20150710_200051 Read more ›

A Sky Full Of Stars

Two days ago we had a beautiful clear sky without any clouds. It was after 10 pm. I threw my crutches on the floor and waddled outside in order to take pictures. It wasn’t dark enough yet to see the beauty of the twinkling night sky but I was glued to two beautiful bright shining starts right above the mountains. They were like waving and kissing the day good-bye as a last greeting from heaven before the night covers the world with peaceful silence. Read more ›

Morning and Evening in the Alps!

This morning when I opened up the windows a beautiful picture was welcoming me into the day. The sky was clear and the sun just reached the mountain tops. The fog was lying to the feet of the mountains like a river.

As you can see I took different exposition. Not always easy to take good photos with a phone.




And when I looked outside 15 minutes ago. I saw the sun setting right between two mountain peaks. I couldn’t resist to take pictures of that too. 20141114_155709


I love nature. It is full of varieties all year-long!

In Love and Light!

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