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In Love and Light





Sweet breeze of spring, petals of pink

A scent of sprouting life

Triggering something in me

Something that makes me thrive Read more ›


marguerite-74886_960_720.jpgSpring Love


Spring is here, lifting my heart

All of my troubles seem to fall apart


Love is arising, filling me up

From head to toe, overflowing cup


I think of you and the future ahead

Of what may be waiting without any dread


Gone are the days of struggle and pain

When finally I am in your arms again


Is spring able to set my heart free?

Is there a new life waiting for me?


In Love and Light

Romantic Tuesday

March Passion

The scent of spring is in the air
I smile towards the sky
Because I’m here with you, my love
Exhaling with a sigh


I long to feel your tender touch
Your arms around my hips
I look into your loving eyes
Before we softly kiss


You put my hands around your neck
And sweep me off my feet
You lay me gently on the grass
And look at me, so sweet


Your hands caress my face and I
Run my fingers through your hair
Another tender look and kiss
While passion’s heating up the air


You pull me closer and your hands
Are exploring every part
Of my body in and out
I feel your heavily pounding heart


Our kisses more demanding now
Our bodies right in tune
Until I think: Just wait a minute…
It is not even June!


Don’t you know that you should not
Lie in the meadow when
There is an “r” within the month
Get dressed and come in May again!

In Love and Light


Look who says “Hello”!

Just quickly! We are having a beautiful spring day. Temperatures are in the upper 60s, the sun is shining and when I got the party sandwiches I discovered these little guys in my garden.


I try to be back later at night! Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

In Love and Light

Nature is breaking free!

I found this sweet little guy on my patio. I guess the name in English is June Bug. We say May Bug… anyway it is only April. I hear them flying against the window when it is dark outside. I loved to have the little guy scrambling around on my hand in order to spread its wings and fly up to the blue sky in the end. Since I am a May bug too I love them. Read more ›

So what… 😃

Yesterday I posted about my struggles with the modern technology: My son is running out of money in Totnes (England) because the money transaction did not work out – hopefully it is finally fixed. And then my outlook started to refuse its cooperation. First of all thank you all for your so lovely and compassionate encouragements. I felt helpless with this stuff and I got angry, too. You are amazing friends and I hug each one of you for your sweet comments. Read more ›

My Willow is blooming!!!

Willow catkins all over! Spring is here! Read more ›

Spring has come!

Yesterday was the most beautiful day of the year. We had temperatures in the lower 60s already. I went outside not only for feeding the guinea pigs but simply for sitting on my bench in the garden, enjoying the sun, the twittering of the birds, and the air which smelled like spring. Read more ›

Song of the Day!

The first song I heard today was something I missed for so long but love to hear every day. It must have been 6 in the morning when I was close to get up and I heard this most beautiful song through my windows for the first time after months: The twittering of the birds. Read more ›

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