Doubts and Fear – Looking For What You Don’t Want


It doesn’t matter how nice, beautiful, lovely something may appear, there are people who are having problems accepting thankfully and instead reflexively question all good things. They are more convinced that good things cannot be real but accept the not so good things as the only realistic option. Whatever good they see, they will not be fine until they find something to criticize. Yes, all that glitters is not gold. But why searching for the non-gold when I am doing good with what glitters? Read more ›

So what… 😃

Yesterday I posted about my struggles with the modern technology: My son is running out of money in Totnes (England) because the money transaction did not work out – hopefully it is finally fixed. And then my outlook started to refuse its cooperation. First of all thank you all for your so lovely and compassionate encouragements. I felt helpless with this stuff and I got angry, too. You are amazing friends and I hug each one of you for your sweet comments. Read more ›

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