Monday Song


The song I am sharing today is one of those I often hear when I am on my way to work. It makes me sing and swing along in the car. I love hearing this song in the morning. I hope it gives you that same happy kick too. Happy Monday!! Read more ›

Song of the Day

Wow, I am running late today with my song again (must be in the family, Rich…lol). After checking my comments my 16-year-old son texted me he forgot his sports dress. So I tried to find everything in his….. tidy room….. and headed for school! But that is life and I am glad I can act so spontaneously! Isn’t that a sense of freedom? Funny that I planned to post a song about that today – although in a more global meaning. My younger son just introduced me to it lately. He said: “Mom, you need to listen to that song. You will love it!” And he was right! I love it!!! Totally!!!!

Happy Wednesday to all of you! Read more ›

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