Since we still have this terrible war in the current conflict in Eastern Europe going, I would like to continue playing songs for peace and unity in this world for a while.

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#HitsByYears – 1983

The last day of digging songs from 1983 has already arrived. That is why you will find again three songs instead of two. There are so many other stars who produced unforgettable hits, like The Pointer Sisters, Paul Young, Culture Club, Kiss, Lionel Ritchie…. But of course, this week cannot miss a certain duet of two of the greatest. I hope you enjoyed this little journey through another great year of music.

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#SongTuesday – Xmas Edition

Here comes one of the newer Christmas classics. Although I knew it before, it will always remind me of the Rudolph movie that my daughter couldn’t wait to watch several times during the Christmas season.

And there is another Christmas song that I loved from the first moment I heard it. I thought that the message to spread has never been more important than today.

Have a great Tuesday!

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#HitsByYears – 1982

Last but not least, there are three more musicians who were not only big in the 80s but already in the 70s. I am not telling too much since you know all of them very well. As I said, I was trying to find songs that were popular but have become forgotten treasures. I confess that this is not the case with the last song but… that one had to be! 😉

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#HitsByYears – 1978

Last but not least, one of the greatest ever to conclude the year 1978. Indeed a fantastic music year.

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Hits By Years – 1973


Yes, I know, there is a popular cover version of the song below. But that one never did it to me. Of course, I have always reflexively compared it with the original and to me the cover version has not half of its depth. But however, there would be no cover version without this beautiful song. So enjoy! Read more ›

Friday Song


Happy Friday, everybody! I hope your week has been going well. However, the weekend lies ahead. Have a great one! Lately, I watched a James Bond movie and that is the reason why I picked the song I am sharing today. Enjoy! Read more ›

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