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Trip to Niagara Falls

Yippie!!! Today is the day and I am finally at the point where I can share my recent memories about Niagara Falls with you. When we lived in Williamsville (in the suburban of Buffalo, NY) Niagara Falls was one of the points of interes where we lead all our visitors to. It was only 45 minutes away from home. I loved to go there no matter what time of the year. It also was a wonderful experience to be there at the Festival of Lights. Downtown Niagara Falls was beautifully illuminated and the City Center turned into one Winter Wonderland with a huge ice rink. We were pretty often at the falls and in the end we were totally fed up with the falls. We even told our visiting peeps to go by themselves.

Today it is a must to see “my” falls. So many memories that are connected with a special year of my life that I will be grateful for and cherish for the rest of my life!

Now “dive in” and enjoy the power of the elements!

American FallsIMG_4054




View from the Canadian side. Do you see the rainbow?20140721_170509

The Horseshoe FallsIMG_4023



Around the falls it’s always wet. Pretty dangerous in winter!IMG_4061

Never rely on your children…….. 😉IMG_4035

Skylon Tower… we had dinner at the restaurant on the top!20140721_203328



I love my falls!20140721_164918

In Love and Light!

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