“They are feeling the feeling as if…”

Just before I started writing this post I got a Twitter message in which I was invited to watch a fantastic video of the great Gregg Braden. I saw him at a workshop in Pasadena last October and was completely caught by his presence and his message. He explained perfectly how the heart has memory cells just like the brain. Therefore it has a brain of its own (actually each organ has but the heart has the most). This made me understand in a very physical explanation why the heart and mind are often pulling in different directions but also why they have so much power when aligned. Things we actually already perceive as inner knowing.

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All of you who have followed me over the past weeks and months know already that I am writing books and also do my own songs (sample can be found here). But since I was so busy and happy writing about my latest book and all the beautiful things related to it I missed to introduce you to what I already did before I published books.

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