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In Love, Light, and Health


The Power Of A Yearning Heart

The yearning in my heart
Is pushing me all-day
It keeps me hanging on
Since you’re so far away

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When the distance is so long

And the longing gets so strong Read more ›

At least…


You’re stirring my heart

While looking into your eyes

Thanks to your photo


In Love and Light



I’m Not Alone!


When I sit still and my heart flies

I see you right before my eyes

I feel your touch your loving arm

And all the magic ‘bout your charm Read more ›

Romantic Tuesday


Love’s Whisper


A silent whisper

Wanders through this winter’s night

Eyes on the stars

They are shining brightly

As if they noticed that little whisper

And want to support its way

To its destination

Like a dove steadily flying

With a big message to carry

That message keeps it warm and safe

No winter can be too cold or too dark

No distance can be too wide

For a message like this

Time and space change

And become one single moment

A whisper sent out from one heart to another

Travels faster than light

When two hearts beat as one

It is felt from both in that moment it is sent

Ignoring distance and time

When it is love

It is always Now

The whisper arrives

Finding you asleep

Delivering its message


Waiting for an instant

To soak up your reply

And flying back

Delivering your loving smile


In Love and Light

Romantic Tuesday


The Love Letter


Hey, you little bird

Would you take this letter, please?

Come, bring it to the one I love

Perhaps it puts his heart at ease Read more ›

Romantic Tuesday

A Moment Like This


A moment like this

Like heavenly bliss

Not closing our eyes

For nothing to miss Read more ›

“Our Love Conquers The Distance!”

It made me think a lot. During the past weeks, my Monday posts always were inspired by comments of topics of other blogger friends. I am very thankful about that and I go with it because I think that topic is meant to be. Read more ›

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