Happiness Fair in Radolfzell, Germany

Hi friends, I wasn’t around today because in the morning I took off to Radolfzell. I was one of the speakers at the so-called Happiness Fair. A friend of mine, who did the setup and cover for my German I’m Free and who helped me with the translation of the English edition, had a booth at that fair. After I had given my lecture I helped her out at the booth when she gave her lecture. 

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Lecture in Memmingen, Bavaria – Germany


I just came back from my weekend in Germany. It was fantastic: Spring all over. I could stay at my teacher’s house and his lovely wife’s for the night. I was spoiled all over!!! Chris Gaydon did not only teach me Aromatherapy, Spiritual Healing, and Medial Training, but he also helped translate my book. He is English and I was so blessed with his help. He’s always been of great support. He is not only my teacher but has become a mentor over the years who is responsible a lot for my development. He invited me to do this lecture together with him in order to promote our seminars which we do together since last year.

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